Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bilder von Berlin

Ich libe sie Berlin even if sie leibe nicht micht... or however you would say i love you even if you don't love me... To be honest, i did not feel the animosity i was expecting from Berliners after reading this article.
I had such a lovely time even if i had way too much beer and peed enough to irrigate all the sugar cane field on the Island... I stuffed my face with delicious cakes, Cherries, sausages and ice creams. I ate like there was no tomorrow!

I totally understand Stephan's point now. It a Big city but Berliners can actually live normally there. There is space and it's actually extremely tranquil. Lots of bikers instead of cars so less noise. It's one of those big cities where you can actually afford having babies and raise a family. As much as i love London, i would not necessarily want to be a mummy here because of all the fumes and noise and the amount of people everywhere. Unless i start crapping money and go live somewhere like Hamstead heath or something. Is it me or the parenting system is slightly inverted there? You would see the man holding the baby instead of the woman and in 8 out of 10 cases when i saw a couple in a car, the driver would be the woman! Have anyone else noticed that?
But yeah Berlin is definitely Baby city. Oh why i'm i having this debate anyway; It not as if i was thinking of little kittens no no no! Me? NOOO! My mum sent be a text with these three words '' Don't get pregnant!'' Pfff me honestly mum why would you say that. It's not as if i was thinking about that all the time and that i already have the name and a few clothes bought because they looked too cute... No, not at all thinking of that right now!

Apart from the fact that most of the time i had to get Stephan to talk for me because my sprechen sprechen is not great i loved every minute! And at last, i could have some philanthropic time with my Boyfriend before i shoot back to Motherland! Last 4 days of coupleness before months! But no moaning Now is Now!
Enjoy some pictures, my camera is getting a bit old so i could not take much... all other images are kept safely in my head!


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