Sunday, July 10, 2011

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Stephan is not home for 3 days, he went to... hmm... where did he go again? Oh i forgot but in some other country for work. Last time he left me alone i was so stressed to be alone in this flat so i asked Pascal if i could come stay with him. Ok before you think that i'm a scaredy cat here's the story. When i was about 12 someone told me that one: i would be heart broken but find someone else who would be much better at a very young age. which was true. I was a damn divorced women at 23!!!!!! haha, it's a nervous laugh because i'm always embarrassed to say that, but as it was in the newspapers i guess it isn't big news to anyone.Then second thing she said was to fulfill my dreams sooner than later because i would not live more that 28 years old!!! i would die in a fire!!! So as she was right on the first one i'm a bit nervous for the second one as i am 27 now!
I've done fire warden courses and stuff but i get nervous in Stephan's flat because he uses multi-plugs on extension cables which is soooooooooooo hazardous. Last time he left me alone i slept with the fire blanket just in case! Besides, how can you escape without causing a chimney effect in those English Flats! As i do not have a phone and that the home phone is just where i think there could be a fire i prefer going to Pascal's. Much safer! I would not mind drowning or heart attack or i don't know, vanish like Virgin Mary up in the sky but in a fire!! Grrrrrh gross! Hey while i'm here i could go see another fortunes teller, he might contradict the other one. Oh no, what if he says the same thing!

At Pascal's

I love Notting Hill, it looks so serene. All the houses are white ( normally it's all brick brown) And they have huge oak tress with vibrant green leaves. It looks like a picture. And it's very quiet as well, just like where i live in Mauritius. Pascal has organized my stay, he is just a five star host! On Wednesday we went to a really nice restaurant, and such amazing food. Normally I'm kind of peckish you know like a spoilt kid , no i don't want this,no don't even want to try that, no i don't eat food that i can't spell the name blah blah blah but on that night i felt brave and adventurous so i'll go with what Pascal ordered, the Chefs special! It must be good because it is one of Gordon Ramsey's favorite. And thank god i didn't order a Burger and fries because everything was delicious! I was not fond of the Pigeon because it was so red that i could almost hear it coo but apparently that's how you eat pigeon!
When we came back Brandon already made my bed. Oh white bedding with a duck feather duvet just like mine at home. ohhh that's gonna be good! He even rolled a white towel and put it on my bed. It looks so nice that i don't want to undo it! Five star hosts.

I wake up like a new person, no noise during the night, no loud people, no ambulance or police cars, no music from tuned cars just peace and quiet. i can even hear the neighbor sneeze. So good!
Pascal and Brandon shoot off to work and i wander about a bit in the flat before going to meet the film producer as i have to do a few voice-overs.
At 10:00 i meet Harry at Covent Garden Station and we go to the London Film school to record the voice overs. When we get there they tell us that we would not be able to record before 13:00! Fuck i'm i gonna waste 3 hours waiting. So i propose we ask them if somehow we could use this time to see the movie on a computer somewhere as Harry has the Final edited Dvd with him. What they propose is even better. They offer the projection room. A little private cinema WOW! I'm going to see it as last, after what? Almost 3 years!
Oh it starting. Look it's me! On a big screen, yeah that's me! Oh i looked good with my long black hair! Gosh is that really me?? Kitty Philips, it says on the big screen! I'm her! I'm so nervous! See watching yourself on a big screen that's something else...
I won't say anything coz it will be screened in Mauritius soon but i'm not unhappy! The book is called Eve de ses Decombres but they changed the name of the movie to ''Les enfants de troumarons' I highly recommend the book.

I have to meet Pascal at 18:00 at the Savoy theater, we are going to see a Musical. Legally blond. As i'm already in the area it's pointless going back to Notting Hill. But i might go back home just to check if everything is ok. Did i switch all the plugs off? But while going to the station i hear lots of screams. What on earth is that. There are thousands of youngsters in the streets and policemen and helicopters! Oh my god it's the world premiere of Harry potter. The last episode and apparently people have been camping there since Monday! It's so crowded! I don't like Harry potter but a world premiere with all that bling is so inviting, i'm just gonna try squeeze somewhere in the crowd. I'm so surprised i did not go totally death after that. When the actors came it was just hysterical screams and girls crying! It was quite emotional actually because the actors were crying as it was the last episode. Remember little Harry Potter, he is a man now! So yeah it must be strange for them. God knows what their lives will be like now. I mean look at Joey in friends. Ten years in this series and now we cant see him anywhere else. God i miss Friends, Jenifer, sure you don't want to do a feature?

Legally Blond
That was sooooo cool and i had such a laugh. It helped me get rid of this ball in my throat from Madama butterfly instead i have this song in my head ''oh my god oh my god oh my god''. No surprise it got so may awards. I think i might be a bit blond inside after all! Pascal went bunkers and took the best seats so we could see everything crystal clear. I'm so lucky, Pascal is being so nice to me. I always wondered what it would be like to have a Brother, i think i know now.

Saturday, another opera.
I wont say the name of the opera because i think it's mean but i walked out! That was just what i hate about Opera, screaaaaaams. It gave me a head ache, no joke, a real headache. i felt like a vein in my brain would explode at any second. So Stephan, who kind of expected that i would not like it after seeing such a masterpiece like Madama Butterfly, accepted to walk out! Stephan walking out of an Opera is like me walking out of a shoe shop without seeing everything. So huge Sacrifice. i felt a bit guilty when i saw him going on his iphone to check the plot of the second act. Oh i was selfish there, it wouldn't have killed me to stay, or yeah maybe it would have!

Breaking news
I AM GOING TO BERLIN TODAY!!!! As it's my last week Stephan felt bad leaving me alone again so he is taking me with him! I'm so excited!

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