Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Video

After arriving at Home at 06:00 am on all fours after a night out at Takamaka with my friends (I'm really getting too old for Clubbing, but Julien Rivet was so nice, because it was the birthday of my cousin we had free champagne and shots!)
Anyway on Sunday, instead of going about in London, i was stuck here in my room in Mauritius like the worst anti-social, pouting and cursing the world for making London so far. Imagine if we were able to just pop-by for the week-end, wouldn't that be great? So i looked at all the videos i made with my Flip Camera and put it all together. Well not all, as you can see the video stops suddenly but there was a technical issue with my stupid old pc. Why can't i get a Mac!
I understand now why Stephan kept saying that i was embarrassing him because i looked like a tourist filming even ''British pigeons''. But common they were eating KFC... URBAN CANNIBALISM!!!
Anyway, this was supposed to be a page with a video but my verbal diarrhea could not stop but be a diva. It's my fingers, i can't help it, it keeps typing. Ok stop fingers, stop typing stop Stop typ

Bollocks! I MISS LONDON!

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