Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Madama Butterfly

It's the very first time in the four years that Stephan and have been together that i am here for his birthday. As he has been away from his family for the last 18 years i always felt that he lost the feeling of waking up to someone wishing him Happy birthday. You know, for your birthday, you wanna wake up and feel like you're the queen (well the king at least). For most people that's normal but for me it's soooooo big! I am with my boyfriend on his birthday!!! I don't even have to call, text or skype! HE IS RIGHT HERE!! So just for today, he ask i do, without pushing the limits of course! I'll wake up early like him and do his coffee, I'll iron his shirt, i'll do his smoothie ( the guy takes it with soya milk, raspberries, banana (yikes) and Barley grass (double yikes) He is such a weirdo but ok, I'll do it, i don't have to drink it! I'll stand on the stairs and kiss him goodbye. i wont do any baby talk today coz that gets on his nerves, no comedy singing or dancing ( although this he can't help and laugh despite his will to be serious) And the ultimate ''sacrifice'' i'll go to the Opera with him tonight!! Yes opera! People singing loud and funny! I don't wanna be silly but honestly Opera! For me what Matt Bellamy does sometimes when he goes wild on stage and get his epic convulsions is opera! People singing ''do you want a cup of tea'' is Funny! But it's ok I'll behave and stay open! I already upset him on sunday night when i said that the movie ''The life of others'' is nothing worth a wank but that House Bunny is the best ever!

When he came back from work i had hidden gifts and notes everywhere and on the last note was ''i love you'' i write it coz i can't say it seriously. If i say it i comedy say it despite my will to stay serious! He red the note and smile then looked straight at me and said the three words punctuated by my darling And here it is, here right in his eye ball, the sparkle! I feel weak in the knees and almost want to cry with joy. Normally we would write it or even just a ''L.U'' But today he looked at me and said it and even added ''my darling'' this is like MY birthday! Don't get me wrong we do love each other but i think we are a bit shy or prude in regards to the three words. I am anyway! Hold on is this part of his Pimp your lingo program?!

I'm gonna get ready, i don't care if it gets cold, i'm going to the opera and i'm gonna wear a dress and heels. No tights, to ugly coat to hide my beautiful dress! I'll do my hair up and do the make-up that he likes. The Mariane's is also out. No not my tits! you twisted mind! The Mariane's is a ring that his mum gave me. It's quite old and i don't wear it very often. I would not want someone to cut my finger off for it.

Madama Butterfly

We've got excellent seats, i can see everything, even the orchestra. God this place is Grand! I love those red velvet seats. It reminds me so much of when i was a child and spent most of my time wandering about in the Plaza theater. The guardian was my best friend ever and i knew each little corner of this theater. Barbie and Ken loved it as well.
Ok i have to focus, stay open. It means a lot to Stephan. Not only because he had a part in this Opera back in the days when he finished Drama School but also because he has music in his blood. He plays the Violin since the age of Three and went to special school and everything. His Dad and mum are musicians ( like it's their profession!) His brother is a musician it's like the Bach family! So i'm gonna behave, it's his birthday!

Lights go dim, i know i've said it, but GOD this place is grand! The conductor taps on his little desk and starts! WOW he is rather passionate! His expressions, his movements, his hands... Will he make it to the end of the show at this rhythm? I'm praying that i'm gonna like it coz it's MORE than two hours play!!

At the beginning i was adjusting to the fact that it's all singing. In Italian but there is a little screen at our seats with the english translation. I giggle internally when one sang '' do you want another whisky?'' and the other replied ( still singing '' yes please'' Just ask it normally dude!

But then i hear this female voice and here she comes, Madama butterfly. It get's to your guts, to your heart. you feel your whole body vibrate and your throat go tight, your hands are wet and so are your eyes. It's like you stop breathing when she sings, you just want the world to stop at this particular moment. You wanna laugh, you wanna cry, you wanna scream! How on earth can she do that? How can a human being transmit so much energy, so much emotions. i suddenly understand the word emotion. Energy in motion! How can she do that to the whole audience. See what i didnt like about opera was that it's to structured, too perfect. But this woman can sing perfectly and still transmit emotion. Stephan told me after that it is very rare because, to keep their voice clear, they need to avoid getting too emotional and that he was very impressed by the way this woman did anything she wanted with so much ease and that i was extremely lucky to see that! The story is very tragic. It's an American who married this 15 year old Japanese girl then went back to America. For three years, the girl waited for him while he already married another woman. An American woman. The Japanese ( Madama butterfly) was just for fun. Just to enjoy guilt free sex with a 15 year old while he was on a mission to Japan. But when he knew three years after that he had a son with her he came back with his American wife to take the boy. I knew the end of the story but still hoped for some kind of happy ending. But no she dies! She let's her son go with nasty American couple for him to have a brighter future and kills herself. Too much pain for Madama Butterfly. As she dies she see her husband from afar and try to go to him. Her body man, it was like a butterfly. Is this woman human?!

i cant really explain the end coz my brain went dead, it was just too much for me ( in a good way) i am taken aback by the power of these singers, by the emotions in me. You wanna go down on the stage and slap this bastard and take Madama butterfly in your arms and comfort her! i think that if god could sing he would sound exactly like that (yes i think that god is a woman, trow stones at me if you want but god is a woman)

No no no it's not over yet! keep the light on keep singing Madama butterfly! When the curtains go down i want to scream this ball out of my throat, my head whole face goes tense i want to stand up like all the others and shout bravo but Stephan and all the people in my row remain seated! I scan through the audience, god i've never seen so many male adults cry! Women are are wiping their cheeks and men just let their tears helplessly roll on their face! I don't want to go, i want to stay here and see it all over again! I clapped non stop for about 10 minutes! I could not leave! If i was a man i'd ask Madama butterfly to marry me to make her happy again!
If you are in the UK go watch it, yes the ticket cost a bomb but to it anyway, it's worth every penny. For the rest of the world if you can afford it, pay a ticket to London and go watch it! I'm still trying to get rid of this ball in my throat and feel that i'm going to start crying for any reason but it's so so so so so so so so worth it! Thank you Kristine Opolais. By the way if you are running to Youtube to watch it don't. the videos there are not at all representative of what i've seen yesterday! Just Go watch it live!

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