Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dear Mr. Immigration person who amended the Holiday maker Visa

Dear honorable Mr. immigration decider,
I would like to attract your attention on the working holiday maker visa for Mauritians. Why did you cancel it for us? It's a bit mean you know. I spent some years making everything you wanted to let me in and gathered the pennies required for it and one day, when i had everything i went happily to the UK embassy in Port-Louis to get my application form to discover that you cancelled it for us! Why Mr immigration decider? why did you do that?
Ok here is the deal.... how about you re implement it? Yeah do it... you'll see it will be good for you! Because if you look closely we Mauritians are like your children. Mauritiius was a British colony and we even gave you an Island (ok i know the subject is very sensitive) But yeah daddy Britain how about a little philanthropy?
Lets look at the bright sight of things us Mauritians are cool people. We do not do any civil war ( ok maybe one but we called upon your help and thanks for that by the way. It would have been even better if you came earlier, this way my grand parents would not have lost their inherited colonial house in Port-Louis and my mum would not have been traumatized as child. But it's ok you came and restored peace)
So lets say that was the past but now, we are generally very peaceful. We are fun, very generous, very kind, very hmmmm well you know we are good! Plus we speak English, we write English and we drive to the left just like you so no accident!
We even watched the Royal wedding live on a big screen in Port-louis. Well i didnt, i dressed up at Home, put a tiara and watched it on my own. But we blessed them and prayed for them.
We are hard workers and we smile a lot at people. We have good skin and we are very healthy.It's important you know. Heard of any bad Mauritians... No the answer is no, don't even think.

We do not swear at policemen. We do not fight in the streets. We do not drink a lot then puke on other people in the underground. Not that you do but we definitely do not do that. Oh no our mums would kill us (not literally of course, Mauritian mums do not kill their children)

We love your country and we would really like to have the opportunity to dig more into it and learn from you. But Rupees to pounds is very expensive you know so if we do that system where we are able to work a bit to visit and spend more it would be better for your economy. You know we do like to spend a lot of money on clothes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes and theater, musicals, go in the country side and shoes. So you would be winning. Our super fun company plus the pennies that you would give us would come back to you. We gain and spend right here! Good innit.

So Mr. decider of important things will you be a good man and think about it? Don't take too long though because i'm 28 next year and i know it's the age limit to apply for this visa.

Much much love


P.S Mr. Decider i might go Berlin next week for two days. I am definitely leaving the UK on Sunday 16 of July. I do not intend to stay here illegally so please do not give me a hard time when i come back from Berlin. I'm a good girl you know.


  1. Super ton post Kitty ! Tout se passe bien la bas ?

  2. Ladies and gentlemen please let me introduce you to Mr. Plastic bertrand!!! :-)
    tout va bien, je profite de chaque instant... et toi? Tu es toujours en voyage? on se capte a mon retour... bises

  3. Mauritius abolished the holiday worker visa for British citizens first (a few years ago and this news was given only a bi-line in some newspapers). It's all too logical that they abolished it for us too.

  4. OMG! i didn't know that! so i need to write a letter to the Mauritian decider of important things!!!!!!!!