Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bye bye Britain

Here i am back in Mauritius...The last week went in a flash, as usual. The last bits are the best. Stephan took a week off, well kind of off but kind of working but ah forget it, at least he was not away. i dont know how the last three days ended up in a house make-over project. We went to habitat, which by the way is having amazing closing down sales, i have to check if we can buy online from Mauritius coz it's like 70% off! I'm gutted it's closing down, i loved Habitat! We got these sticks from Next home one for him and one for me so that at least we'll be coming back home to the same scent. And on Friday we went to Ikea in Croydon. Dude, did you know there were trams in London? yeah there are! We took a tram to Croydon! And at Croyon we also saw a man traveling by horse-drawn carriage, a Horse-Drawn carriage!!!
And i heard a lot of ''Ayo guett ca couma zoli ta'' at Ikea! And a lot of ''vansse toi train p vini'' at Croydon station. Could it be Mauritian city?
We got a table for, guess, guess how much. common try, guess, you'll never guess! 3.75 pounds!!!! A table!!! Rs150!!!! A table!!! We had a Frappuccino at starbucks which was almost as expensive as a table!

No i won't cry! We've done that how many time before? at least 10 times! It's pointless crying. People cry when they are sad, i am not sad. I am gutted to say another goodbye but i am not sad because i had an amazing time and i enjoyed every second of it. Finally i am sure of what i want. The pink luggage with the big ribbon was there again and the sound of them rolling on Brixton street were not the same anymore. After the check-in of my suitcase i looked behind for Stephan and he was standing straight again but this time, his face was different. A last hug and thousands of last kisses later i went off turning my head every 3 seconds to catch a last glance at him, he doesn't move until i go behind this wall at security. I hate this wall, couldn't they make it see through glasses like in Mauritius. i don't know if any of you have ever been in a distance relationship and ever experience that sudden change in the air around you. For a month this space was filled with beautiful sparkling colors, beautiful energy and emotion and suddenly, crossing this line at security it disappears. As if the screening disconnected it. Normally thats what make me cry but i am not shedding one tear. I go to boots to take my hair cream but realize that soon i will have to have my hair straight and sleek again. No more flirty curls happily flying about. I'll go back to my normal life, heels, corporate dress, make up, hair neatly tied at the back. I'll watch American movies in french, i'll be back in my bedroom with my white duck feather bedding, there will be mum, dad, Emily and Mr Parker. I'll go to bed alone, to the sound of dogs barking. I'll wake up to the sound of birds and the neighbor's cock singing instead of that woman with Jamaican accent who always have to fight with her kids to put them in the car to go to school. Stephan won't bring me my tea in bed, but my dad will prepare it and leave it in the kitchen so that i have it nice and ready when i wake up (Me and my tea man!).
I have two life and i always have to leave one behind and in any of the goodbyes it's heartbreaking because i love both... Next time he will come, maybe in a month, maybe in two, or three or six i don't know yet. But hopefully we won't have to say goodbye again! In the meantime i'll ask a friend to accompany me to events that are invitation for two. Each time a diffrent one depending on who is free, and people would think ''wow she changes boyfriend a much as she changes knickers'' No!! It's not my boyfriend, my boyfriend is in the other part of the wooooooorld i'd want to scream at them! I'll be the only one alone again amongst my friends who are either getting married or having kids... I'll be addicted to work again ( i am truly addicted to work and i love it)

Be good Stephan. Ayanda, Nadia, Claudia, Ivana take care of my hubby and don't let him work too much. Gosh all his friends are like a a a a a. AyanDA, NadiA, ClaudiA, IvanA! wtf!

Holidays over,Blog over. Thanks for Reading, i hope you enjoyed it as much as me... Hopefully there will be others...


  1. Blog over?
    You mean NO MORE STORIES?

    I saw that you enjoyed writing all the time, you should continue :-)

  2. I kind of miss it myself... sometimes i write and save as Draft. I do enjoy the process to be honest. It kind of anchors thoughts. But a blog is a subject and i don't think people want to read ''today i woke up had my tea, had a shower and went to work'' :-)

  3. Agreed but I am sure that your days are more than just "tea, shower, work", isnt it?

    This said, you don't need to post everyday, just follow some pace.
    And how was the "come back" to mru?

  4. hmmm you are really tempting me here...

  5. Blogging is addictive, as long as you got topics on which to write :P

    And I am currently short of ideas right now lol, but I try to publish at least 10 articles per month.