Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Video

After arriving at Home at 06:00 am on all fours after a night out at Takamaka with my friends (I'm really getting too old for Clubbing, but Julien Rivet was so nice, because it was the birthday of my cousin we had free champagne and shots!)
Anyway on Sunday, instead of going about in London, i was stuck here in my room in Mauritius like the worst anti-social, pouting and cursing the world for making London so far. Imagine if we were able to just pop-by for the week-end, wouldn't that be great? So i looked at all the videos i made with my Flip Camera and put it all together. Well not all, as you can see the video stops suddenly but there was a technical issue with my stupid old pc. Why can't i get a Mac!
I understand now why Stephan kept saying that i was embarrassing him because i looked like a tourist filming even ''British pigeons''. But common they were eating KFC... URBAN CANNIBALISM!!!
Anyway, this was supposed to be a page with a video but my verbal diarrhea could not stop but be a diva. It's my fingers, i can't help it, it keeps typing. Ok stop fingers, stop typing stop Stop typ

Bollocks! I MISS LONDON!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bye bye Britain

Here i am back in Mauritius...The last week went in a flash, as usual. The last bits are the best. Stephan took a week off, well kind of off but kind of working but ah forget it, at least he was not away. i dont know how the last three days ended up in a house make-over project. We went to habitat, which by the way is having amazing closing down sales, i have to check if we can buy online from Mauritius coz it's like 70% off! I'm gutted it's closing down, i loved Habitat! We got these sticks from Next home one for him and one for me so that at least we'll be coming back home to the same scent. And on Friday we went to Ikea in Croydon. Dude, did you know there were trams in London? yeah there are! We took a tram to Croydon! And at Croyon we also saw a man traveling by horse-drawn carriage, a Horse-Drawn carriage!!!
And i heard a lot of ''Ayo guett ca couma zoli ta'' at Ikea! And a lot of ''vansse toi train p vini'' at Croydon station. Could it be Mauritian city?
We got a table for, guess, guess how much. common try, guess, you'll never guess! 3.75 pounds!!!! A table!!! Rs150!!!! A table!!! We had a Frappuccino at starbucks which was almost as expensive as a table!

No i won't cry! We've done that how many time before? at least 10 times! It's pointless crying. People cry when they are sad, i am not sad. I am gutted to say another goodbye but i am not sad because i had an amazing time and i enjoyed every second of it. Finally i am sure of what i want. The pink luggage with the big ribbon was there again and the sound of them rolling on Brixton street were not the same anymore. After the check-in of my suitcase i looked behind for Stephan and he was standing straight again but this time, his face was different. A last hug and thousands of last kisses later i went off turning my head every 3 seconds to catch a last glance at him, he doesn't move until i go behind this wall at security. I hate this wall, couldn't they make it see through glasses like in Mauritius. i don't know if any of you have ever been in a distance relationship and ever experience that sudden change in the air around you. For a month this space was filled with beautiful sparkling colors, beautiful energy and emotion and suddenly, crossing this line at security it disappears. As if the screening disconnected it. Normally thats what make me cry but i am not shedding one tear. I go to boots to take my hair cream but realize that soon i will have to have my hair straight and sleek again. No more flirty curls happily flying about. I'll go back to my normal life, heels, corporate dress, make up, hair neatly tied at the back. I'll watch American movies in french, i'll be back in my bedroom with my white duck feather bedding, there will be mum, dad, Emily and Mr Parker. I'll go to bed alone, to the sound of dogs barking. I'll wake up to the sound of birds and the neighbor's cock singing instead of that woman with Jamaican accent who always have to fight with her kids to put them in the car to go to school. Stephan won't bring me my tea in bed, but my dad will prepare it and leave it in the kitchen so that i have it nice and ready when i wake up (Me and my tea man!).
I have two life and i always have to leave one behind and in any of the goodbyes it's heartbreaking because i love both... Next time he will come, maybe in a month, maybe in two, or three or six i don't know yet. But hopefully we won't have to say goodbye again! In the meantime i'll ask a friend to accompany me to events that are invitation for two. Each time a diffrent one depending on who is free, and people would think ''wow she changes boyfriend a much as she changes knickers'' No!! It's not my boyfriend, my boyfriend is in the other part of the wooooooorld i'd want to scream at them! I'll be the only one alone again amongst my friends who are either getting married or having kids... I'll be addicted to work again ( i am truly addicted to work and i love it)

Be good Stephan. Ayanda, Nadia, Claudia, Ivana take care of my hubby and don't let him work too much. Gosh all his friends are like a a a a a. AyanDA, NadiA, ClaudiA, IvanA! wtf!

Holidays over,Blog over. Thanks for Reading, i hope you enjoyed it as much as me... Hopefully there will be others...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bilder von Berlin

Ich libe sie Berlin even if sie leibe nicht micht... or however you would say i love you even if you don't love me... To be honest, i did not feel the animosity i was expecting from Berliners after reading this article.
I had such a lovely time even if i had way too much beer and peed enough to irrigate all the sugar cane field on the Island... I stuffed my face with delicious cakes, Cherries, sausages and ice creams. I ate like there was no tomorrow!

I totally understand Stephan's point now. It a Big city but Berliners can actually live normally there. There is space and it's actually extremely tranquil. Lots of bikers instead of cars so less noise. It's one of those big cities where you can actually afford having babies and raise a family. As much as i love London, i would not necessarily want to be a mummy here because of all the fumes and noise and the amount of people everywhere. Unless i start crapping money and go live somewhere like Hamstead heath or something. Is it me or the parenting system is slightly inverted there? You would see the man holding the baby instead of the woman and in 8 out of 10 cases when i saw a couple in a car, the driver would be the woman! Have anyone else noticed that?
But yeah Berlin is definitely Baby city. Oh why i'm i having this debate anyway; It not as if i was thinking of little kittens no no no! Me? NOOO! My mum sent be a text with these three words '' Don't get pregnant!'' Pfff me honestly mum why would you say that. It's not as if i was thinking about that all the time and that i already have the name and a few clothes bought because they looked too cute... No, not at all thinking of that right now!

Apart from the fact that most of the time i had to get Stephan to talk for me because my sprechen sprechen is not great i loved every minute! And at last, i could have some philanthropic time with my Boyfriend before i shoot back to Motherland! Last 4 days of coupleness before months! But no moaning Now is Now!
Enjoy some pictures, my camera is getting a bit old so i could not take much... all other images are kept safely in my head!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011


frau und Frauline ch bin in Berlin!
Ich bin not going to do another Blog Kitty in Berlin let's keep that one rolling but just in case, it's not the name of a town in London but the actual Berlin in Germany! And with that i am addressing to one particular person which i won't name :-)

Here is the letter from the editor of Berlin city guide that i found in the room:

Lots of international visitors will be coming to town for the Fashion week in July. They'll be going to the fashion shows, bar and restaurants; and if they still have time, perhaps do some shopping or see an exhibition. Generally, they stay in hotels. Some visitors decide to stay for longer. Some Berliners now found that annoying. They say the permanent visitors are responsible for rising the beer prices and, anyway ''You just don't meet any Berliner in Mitte anymore''.
At Berlin&I, we look forward to seeing all the guests.

And here is the related article

Berlin Loves you, Berlin loves you not, Berlin loves you Berlin loves you not Berlin loves you... if you had your eyes peeled on a walk through the city lately, you may have discovered stickers with somewhat conflicting messages- a heart and a broken heart. The rumors are the messages were meant for tourists. Now you could ignore the whole thing as the action of a single instigator- sometimes good, sometimes evil. Nevertheless, the topic did make it to the evening news. And indeed, a few Friedrichain and Kreuzberg residents were actually mobilising against visitors. They hung up posters blaring ''Help the tourists are coming'' and complained about touristification at specially convened meetings. Their fear is that more hotels might start opening up and that rents would rise in the area. In light of the waves tourist bashing was making, even the politicians were getting involved. Green MP Dirk Behrendt is attempting to forge a compromise. He's for ''sustainable urban tourism'', adding that guests are - of course- more than welcome. The conclusion: Berlin loves you!

OKAY! Now when you add that to '' oh by the way if you see skin heads running towards you, run as fast as you can, they don't like seeing a white German with an ethnic girl here'' But i think that Stephan was just trying to scare me on that one. He was joking right? I'm not going to be the Mrs. Mauritian Hart of Berlin?

The superman GM that i had at Fourpoints used to say that if we mixed Mauritian and German standards of service we would hit the charts in terms of guest satisfaction. And my mum used to say that if we take half shot of Mauritian and half shot of German shake up the mixture it would give the perfect Human being. I guess i kind of know what they were on about now. Just as an example; In london we have ( shit i'm saying we, that's wrong coz i'm mauritian) ok let's start over. In London THEY have oyster cards for the tube and buses and there is a check in check out system at the doors where you click your card. So you could either take a weekly card or top-up pay as you go. ( for future visitors take a weekly or daily). So you have to click your card to get in. But here there is no such control and when i asked Stephan how they monitor who has a card and who hasn't he got a tat defensive going ''German are generally honest and we rely of trust and honesty'' Ok relax, i didn't mean to offend you but do you want me to believe that in 2011 there is such blinded ''trust'' If there is, Berlin should be getting some kind of Nobel prize of perfect travelers. ok could you imagine if in Mauritius we could just get in the bus and NTA would just ''trust'' that we have paid our ticket?? Hmm i am understanding more and more what my mum was on about!

We were a bit jaded as we had an early flight but as we have more or less 48 hours here we just left our bags at the Hotel and went on a little trip. I'm still trying to figure out why he told me that the hotel staff must think that i'm a prostitute!!! Me??? common! Well if they see my 100% cotton square knickers they'll understand that i'm not one so i'll make sure i'll leave them all in the bathroom! What do you think i've got such a great bum from wearing thongs? They dont support your bum. Knickers are like bra you know so stop wearing thongs!!!

It's completely different from London. I mean, as it's a big city i would have expected it do be more or less like London but it's very quiet. I could even see the same birds as we have in Mauritius. Stephan says that there are some in London as well but most of them died from overdose of Mac Donald. No joke here, i once saw a pigeon eating KFC. A Pigeon, a bird, eating a chicken, another kind of bird. Urban cannibalism, Nasty!

I think that the letters must have scared tourist coz i can hardly see any tourists in the streets. Stephan shows me around a little bit and i think he is getting a bit of nostalgia of the past. Stephan grew up in east Germany then his family somehow managed to go to west Germany before the fall of the Wall. God, Stephan actually went through this period, not world war of course my boyfriend is not a dinosaur but more in the cold war if i'm not mistaken. His mum and dad were full on in the war as children and his grand parents... hmmm sensitive subject let's not go on that. But i do feel tight in my throat thinking about what they went through.
When i see an old women in the streets i can't help but think of my Mum's friend Margrette and of her story. She was bended and she explained that it was from hiding underground for years as a child, for what 5 years? It ended in what 1945? so yeah they went through that period as well.

My history is very limited as all i learn at school was how the dutch ate all our dodos and how the french came, then the British etc. Sorry if my timing doesnt make total sense.

Stephan forgot to take me to the wall. Actually I'm wondering if he did not intentionally forget. I'll try again today but won't insist if he ''forgets' again. But as he did not want to do the historical bits I'll do what i do the best; window shopping!! i got a nice top and Stephan got me pants from ''who killed Bambi'' really nice pants my best so far. He said that he had to get me something from that shop because of it's name. He used to call me Bambi because he thinks that Bambi and i have a lot in common. Specially the eyes! Seriously the guy must me taking some other leaves in his hot water for breakfast! We had a very good time and no i have not been attacked by skinheads and Berliners have been very welcoming so far!

Today i want to do the whole thing The wall, the route of the soviet attack, the Fuhrer Bunker the site of Stauffenberg execution and as gore as it seems i also want to see the ancient Jewish cemetery. I'm i just a bit tired, is it PMT or is this place making me a bit sad...

I want to see David Blackburn as well! We'll go for a Mauritians in Berlin trip!

Oh need to get batteries for my camera...


Sunday, July 10, 2011

hmmm i can't think of a title, do you mind if we do without?


Stephan is not home for 3 days, he went to... hmm... where did he go again? Oh i forgot but in some other country for work. Last time he left me alone i was so stressed to be alone in this flat so i asked Pascal if i could come stay with him. Ok before you think that i'm a scaredy cat here's the story. When i was about 12 someone told me that one: i would be heart broken but find someone else who would be much better at a very young age. which was true. I was a damn divorced women at 23!!!!!! haha, it's a nervous laugh because i'm always embarrassed to say that, but as it was in the newspapers i guess it isn't big news to anyone.Then second thing she said was to fulfill my dreams sooner than later because i would not live more that 28 years old!!! i would die in a fire!!! So as she was right on the first one i'm a bit nervous for the second one as i am 27 now!
I've done fire warden courses and stuff but i get nervous in Stephan's flat because he uses multi-plugs on extension cables which is soooooooooooo hazardous. Last time he left me alone i slept with the fire blanket just in case! Besides, how can you escape without causing a chimney effect in those English Flats! As i do not have a phone and that the home phone is just where i think there could be a fire i prefer going to Pascal's. Much safer! I would not mind drowning or heart attack or i don't know, vanish like Virgin Mary up in the sky but in a fire!! Grrrrrh gross! Hey while i'm here i could go see another fortunes teller, he might contradict the other one. Oh no, what if he says the same thing!

At Pascal's

I love Notting Hill, it looks so serene. All the houses are white ( normally it's all brick brown) And they have huge oak tress with vibrant green leaves. It looks like a picture. And it's very quiet as well, just like where i live in Mauritius. Pascal has organized my stay, he is just a five star host! On Wednesday we went to a really nice restaurant, and such amazing food. Normally I'm kind of peckish you know like a spoilt kid , no i don't want this,no don't even want to try that, no i don't eat food that i can't spell the name blah blah blah but on that night i felt brave and adventurous so i'll go with what Pascal ordered, the Chefs special! It must be good because it is one of Gordon Ramsey's favorite. And thank god i didn't order a Burger and fries because everything was delicious! I was not fond of the Pigeon because it was so red that i could almost hear it coo but apparently that's how you eat pigeon!
When we came back Brandon already made my bed. Oh white bedding with a duck feather duvet just like mine at home. ohhh that's gonna be good! He even rolled a white towel and put it on my bed. It looks so nice that i don't want to undo it! Five star hosts.

I wake up like a new person, no noise during the night, no loud people, no ambulance or police cars, no music from tuned cars just peace and quiet. i can even hear the neighbor sneeze. So good!
Pascal and Brandon shoot off to work and i wander about a bit in the flat before going to meet the film producer as i have to do a few voice-overs.
At 10:00 i meet Harry at Covent Garden Station and we go to the London Film school to record the voice overs. When we get there they tell us that we would not be able to record before 13:00! Fuck i'm i gonna waste 3 hours waiting. So i propose we ask them if somehow we could use this time to see the movie on a computer somewhere as Harry has the Final edited Dvd with him. What they propose is even better. They offer the projection room. A little private cinema WOW! I'm going to see it as last, after what? Almost 3 years!
Oh it starting. Look it's me! On a big screen, yeah that's me! Oh i looked good with my long black hair! Gosh is that really me?? Kitty Philips, it says on the big screen! I'm her! I'm so nervous! See watching yourself on a big screen that's something else...
I won't say anything coz it will be screened in Mauritius soon but i'm not unhappy! The book is called Eve de ses Decombres but they changed the name of the movie to ''Les enfants de troumarons' I highly recommend the book.

I have to meet Pascal at 18:00 at the Savoy theater, we are going to see a Musical. Legally blond. As i'm already in the area it's pointless going back to Notting Hill. But i might go back home just to check if everything is ok. Did i switch all the plugs off? But while going to the station i hear lots of screams. What on earth is that. There are thousands of youngsters in the streets and policemen and helicopters! Oh my god it's the world premiere of Harry potter. The last episode and apparently people have been camping there since Monday! It's so crowded! I don't like Harry potter but a world premiere with all that bling is so inviting, i'm just gonna try squeeze somewhere in the crowd. I'm so surprised i did not go totally death after that. When the actors came it was just hysterical screams and girls crying! It was quite emotional actually because the actors were crying as it was the last episode. Remember little Harry Potter, he is a man now! So yeah it must be strange for them. God knows what their lives will be like now. I mean look at Joey in friends. Ten years in this series and now we cant see him anywhere else. God i miss Friends, Jenifer, sure you don't want to do a feature?

Legally Blond
That was sooooo cool and i had such a laugh. It helped me get rid of this ball in my throat from Madama butterfly instead i have this song in my head ''oh my god oh my god oh my god''. No surprise it got so may awards. I think i might be a bit blond inside after all! Pascal went bunkers and took the best seats so we could see everything crystal clear. I'm so lucky, Pascal is being so nice to me. I always wondered what it would be like to have a Brother, i think i know now.

Saturday, another opera.
I wont say the name of the opera because i think it's mean but i walked out! That was just what i hate about Opera, screaaaaaams. It gave me a head ache, no joke, a real headache. i felt like a vein in my brain would explode at any second. So Stephan, who kind of expected that i would not like it after seeing such a masterpiece like Madama Butterfly, accepted to walk out! Stephan walking out of an Opera is like me walking out of a shoe shop without seeing everything. So huge Sacrifice. i felt a bit guilty when i saw him going on his iphone to check the plot of the second act. Oh i was selfish there, it wouldn't have killed me to stay, or yeah maybe it would have!

Breaking news
I AM GOING TO BERLIN TODAY!!!! As it's my last week Stephan felt bad leaving me alone again so he is taking me with him! I'm so excited!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dear Mr. Immigration person who amended the Holiday maker Visa

Dear honorable Mr. immigration decider,
I would like to attract your attention on the working holiday maker visa for Mauritians. Why did you cancel it for us? It's a bit mean you know. I spent some years making everything you wanted to let me in and gathered the pennies required for it and one day, when i had everything i went happily to the UK embassy in Port-Louis to get my application form to discover that you cancelled it for us! Why Mr immigration decider? why did you do that?
Ok here is the deal.... how about you re implement it? Yeah do it... you'll see it will be good for you! Because if you look closely we Mauritians are like your children. Mauritiius was a British colony and we even gave you an Island (ok i know the subject is very sensitive) But yeah daddy Britain how about a little philanthropy?
Lets look at the bright sight of things us Mauritians are cool people. We do not do any civil war ( ok maybe one but we called upon your help and thanks for that by the way. It would have been even better if you came earlier, this way my grand parents would not have lost their inherited colonial house in Port-Louis and my mum would not have been traumatized as child. But it's ok you came and restored peace)
So lets say that was the past but now, we are generally very peaceful. We are fun, very generous, very kind, very hmmmm well you know we are good! Plus we speak English, we write English and we drive to the left just like you so no accident!
We even watched the Royal wedding live on a big screen in Port-louis. Well i didnt, i dressed up at Home, put a tiara and watched it on my own. But we blessed them and prayed for them.
We are hard workers and we smile a lot at people. We have good skin and we are very healthy.It's important you know. Heard of any bad Mauritians... No the answer is no, don't even think.

We do not swear at policemen. We do not fight in the streets. We do not drink a lot then puke on other people in the underground. Not that you do but we definitely do not do that. Oh no our mums would kill us (not literally of course, Mauritian mums do not kill their children)

We love your country and we would really like to have the opportunity to dig more into it and learn from you. But Rupees to pounds is very expensive you know so if we do that system where we are able to work a bit to visit and spend more it would be better for your economy. You know we do like to spend a lot of money on clothes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes and theater, musicals, go in the country side and shoes. So you would be winning. Our super fun company plus the pennies that you would give us would come back to you. We gain and spend right here! Good innit.

So Mr. decider of important things will you be a good man and think about it? Don't take too long though because i'm 28 next year and i know it's the age limit to apply for this visa.

Much much love


P.S Mr. Decider i might go Berlin next week for two days. I am definitely leaving the UK on Sunday 16 of July. I do not intend to stay here illegally so please do not give me a hard time when i come back from Berlin. I'm a good girl you know.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Madama Butterfly

It's the very first time in the four years that Stephan and have been together that i am here for his birthday. As he has been away from his family for the last 18 years i always felt that he lost the feeling of waking up to someone wishing him Happy birthday. You know, for your birthday, you wanna wake up and feel like you're the queen (well the king at least). For most people that's normal but for me it's soooooo big! I am with my boyfriend on his birthday!!! I don't even have to call, text or skype! HE IS RIGHT HERE!! So just for today, he ask i do, without pushing the limits of course! I'll wake up early like him and do his coffee, I'll iron his shirt, i'll do his smoothie ( the guy takes it with soya milk, raspberries, banana (yikes) and Barley grass (double yikes) He is such a weirdo but ok, I'll do it, i don't have to drink it! I'll stand on the stairs and kiss him goodbye. i wont do any baby talk today coz that gets on his nerves, no comedy singing or dancing ( although this he can't help and laugh despite his will to be serious) And the ultimate ''sacrifice'' i'll go to the Opera with him tonight!! Yes opera! People singing loud and funny! I don't wanna be silly but honestly Opera! For me what Matt Bellamy does sometimes when he goes wild on stage and get his epic convulsions is opera! People singing ''do you want a cup of tea'' is Funny! But it's ok I'll behave and stay open! I already upset him on sunday night when i said that the movie ''The life of others'' is nothing worth a wank but that House Bunny is the best ever!

When he came back from work i had hidden gifts and notes everywhere and on the last note was ''i love you'' i write it coz i can't say it seriously. If i say it i comedy say it despite my will to stay serious! He red the note and smile then looked straight at me and said the three words punctuated by my darling And here it is, here right in his eye ball, the sparkle! I feel weak in the knees and almost want to cry with joy. Normally we would write it or even just a ''L.U'' But today he looked at me and said it and even added ''my darling'' this is like MY birthday! Don't get me wrong we do love each other but i think we are a bit shy or prude in regards to the three words. I am anyway! Hold on is this part of his Pimp your lingo program?!

I'm gonna get ready, i don't care if it gets cold, i'm going to the opera and i'm gonna wear a dress and heels. No tights, to ugly coat to hide my beautiful dress! I'll do my hair up and do the make-up that he likes. The Mariane's is also out. No not my tits! you twisted mind! The Mariane's is a ring that his mum gave me. It's quite old and i don't wear it very often. I would not want someone to cut my finger off for it.

Madama Butterfly

We've got excellent seats, i can see everything, even the orchestra. God this place is Grand! I love those red velvet seats. It reminds me so much of when i was a child and spent most of my time wandering about in the Plaza theater. The guardian was my best friend ever and i knew each little corner of this theater. Barbie and Ken loved it as well.
Ok i have to focus, stay open. It means a lot to Stephan. Not only because he had a part in this Opera back in the days when he finished Drama School but also because he has music in his blood. He plays the Violin since the age of Three and went to special school and everything. His Dad and mum are musicians ( like it's their profession!) His brother is a musician it's like the Bach family! So i'm gonna behave, it's his birthday!

Lights go dim, i know i've said it, but GOD this place is grand! The conductor taps on his little desk and starts! WOW he is rather passionate! His expressions, his movements, his hands... Will he make it to the end of the show at this rhythm? I'm praying that i'm gonna like it coz it's MORE than two hours play!!

At the beginning i was adjusting to the fact that it's all singing. In Italian but there is a little screen at our seats with the english translation. I giggle internally when one sang '' do you want another whisky?'' and the other replied ( still singing '' yes please'' Just ask it normally dude!

But then i hear this female voice and here she comes, Madama butterfly. It get's to your guts, to your heart. you feel your whole body vibrate and your throat go tight, your hands are wet and so are your eyes. It's like you stop breathing when she sings, you just want the world to stop at this particular moment. You wanna laugh, you wanna cry, you wanna scream! How on earth can she do that? How can a human being transmit so much energy, so much emotions. i suddenly understand the word emotion. Energy in motion! How can she do that to the whole audience. See what i didnt like about opera was that it's to structured, too perfect. But this woman can sing perfectly and still transmit emotion. Stephan told me after that it is very rare because, to keep their voice clear, they need to avoid getting too emotional and that he was very impressed by the way this woman did anything she wanted with so much ease and that i was extremely lucky to see that! The story is very tragic. It's an American who married this 15 year old Japanese girl then went back to America. For three years, the girl waited for him while he already married another woman. An American woman. The Japanese ( Madama butterfly) was just for fun. Just to enjoy guilt free sex with a 15 year old while he was on a mission to Japan. But when he knew three years after that he had a son with her he came back with his American wife to take the boy. I knew the end of the story but still hoped for some kind of happy ending. But no she dies! She let's her son go with nasty American couple for him to have a brighter future and kills herself. Too much pain for Madama Butterfly. As she dies she see her husband from afar and try to go to him. Her body man, it was like a butterfly. Is this woman human?!

i cant really explain the end coz my brain went dead, it was just too much for me ( in a good way) i am taken aback by the power of these singers, by the emotions in me. You wanna go down on the stage and slap this bastard and take Madama butterfly in your arms and comfort her! i think that if god could sing he would sound exactly like that (yes i think that god is a woman, trow stones at me if you want but god is a woman)

No no no it's not over yet! keep the light on keep singing Madama butterfly! When the curtains go down i want to scream this ball out of my throat, my head whole face goes tense i want to stand up like all the others and shout bravo but Stephan and all the people in my row remain seated! I scan through the audience, god i've never seen so many male adults cry! Women are are wiping their cheeks and men just let their tears helplessly roll on their face! I don't want to go, i want to stay here and see it all over again! I clapped non stop for about 10 minutes! I could not leave! If i was a man i'd ask Madama butterfly to marry me to make her happy again!
If you are in the UK go watch it, yes the ticket cost a bomb but to it anyway, it's worth every penny. For the rest of the world if you can afford it, pay a ticket to London and go watch it! I'm still trying to get rid of this ball in my throat and feel that i'm going to start crying for any reason but it's so so so so so so so so worth it! Thank you Kristine Opolais. By the way if you are running to Youtube to watch it don't. the videos there are not at all representative of what i've seen yesterday! Just Go watch it live!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Culturally cultural things! Well almost!

One of Stephan's friend ( yes another actress) invited us to a play in Leicester Square and as I'm in the mood for culcha, Yesss lets do it! On the way, while he could not stop staring at 3 hot chicks legs on the escalator, he warned me about the particularity of this play. It is actually a kind of live workshop type of thing. It is apparently a new thing that they are doing. During one hour, the audience have to create the play and the director, actors, scriptwriter and costume designer have to work with it after to create a 10 minutes play! Oh no so does that mean that i would have to participate??? Hmm not so sure about that!
Leicester square is always so busy, i mean it's Wednesday! Do Londoners ever sleep?? If i walked in Rose-hill on a Wednesday night all i would see is a few people queuing up for Vona Corona. ( hmmm i want an almond Vona corona with lots of rouge rouge) Here you see all these party people. I need to do that, go clubbing, wear a tiny dress in cold London. Tie a tag to my hand bag which would say:
If i get drunk do not let me:

1. Puke on my dress because i need to bring it back to the shop tomorrow for refund.
2. Post a status on my Facebook saying that i wish my ex was dead
3. Kiss a total stranger unless he get me a drink or if he is a footballer
4. Skinny dip in the Tate River
5. Show my tits on  CCTV.

So here we are and it's not quite what i was expecting. I thought that it would be a bigger venue but great vibe. They don't have red velvet chair but they sure know how to entertain their crowd. There are two women dressed like gypsy fiddling into a big box full of fabrics, one of them is stephan's friend. Very cute girl quite hippie like. Apparently she runs this company where they clean houses with eco friendly products and sells this service super cheap just to help protect the planet. May seem silly said like that but think about it... not bad, not bad at all...

Here comes the director, thin guy with braces pulling his pants up... kind of geek look but interesting. He screams '' Dim the lights, no not that much, no not that bright'' i understand that it's part of the show. He starts to explain the concept. That's gonna be interesting. So here we go we have to come up with a story.
So he basically asks what we would like the play to be and after all the input it will be a Greek tragedy/comedy in France in the 1920's. It will be the story of Jacques the wine seller, Paul the Naughty man and Martin a gay-lien (a gay alien). As the director said '' it's your story and you will have to watch it''
He now needs a French in the audience who will guide the actors in their french accent. Any french in the audience? no? anyone having relatives in french? No but i speak french though but non non non Stephan don't say anything! Anyone from an exotic place? This one i can do but my voice is covered by someone else screaming Birmingham! Honestly Biiiirmingham? I was going for Mauritius and you say Beeermingham!!
While the script is being written and projected live on a screen and the seamstress create the costumes for the play that we've create,the director entertains us with rather imaginative tricks. Like when he asked the actors to have a conversation without a, e and i in any of the words they use. They were actually really good. You try that... have a fluent conversation with someone without those 3 basic letters! Or have a conversion where the start to your phrase would be in alphabetical order.

After the one hour we had to create the play, story, script, costume, props, of course we had to watch our play. It turned out that our gaylien want to stay on earth but is allergic to oxygen and falls in love with the wine maker. I know the story seems crap from where you are but i lolled all the time! It was very entertaining! Bec was really good actually. Check them out on FB

Nothing worth a Wank!

 I packed like an ass and I'm left with only 2 pair of jeans that i've been wearing for the last 2 weeks coz i cant freaking put any other skirts or dress! God i miss my wardrobe. I miss my bedroom actually. It's so cosy. I have this big bed to myself, with Sheraton bedding, you know Sheraton has been awarded most comfortable bedding yeah? They were selling it at Game and got the whole thing. oh I miss my soft immaculate white bed sheet that i spray with lavender every morning. I miss seeing all my shoes on my wardrobe all shiny and glossy. I miss struggling to find something in my packed accessory drawer. Or opening all the 4 doors of my wardrobe and seeing all my clothes neatly folded, not the stuff on the hangers though, that's a total mess.. 
Here i am, staring at these 2 tiny drawers with 2 jeans , 4 tops and 10 dresses what the fuck was i thinking about when i packed?? That's it, enough with the monkey business ! I need to go shopping! i need clothes, warm clothes, socks, new jeans, another pair of shoes, i need a haircut, i need a manicure a pedicure i need my eyebrows shaped by amazing Naveeda i need a fucking Porsche Cayene and James Blunt by my side ( yeah what! i love James Blunt, us two would get along very well as friends) Oh my Buddha just the thought of going to do all this give me a tiny orgasm! i'm hearing a choir of nun's singing hallelujah (oups sorry mum)

5 hours after
Result of this prospected amazing day. Two tops, a handful of accessories, one handbag, no shoes, no manicure, no pedicure, no amazing Naveeda, no Porsche, no James Blunt! ROT IN HELL MARGARETTE!! A blind man even screamed at me because i saw that he was struggling to do something and offered  help, he screamed that he didn't need my help in crowded oxford street. I'll never try to help a blind man again never ever. i'm blindmenphobic now. Just like the dwarfphobic woman in desperate housewives.

Victoria and Albert Museum
I have to meet Stephan at South ken to go to a gig. You would think that a museum is just a place with lots of art stuff and statues yeah? But on Friday nights they have special events there. They have a dj and a bar. Yes in a museum, amongst pieces of art, Statues and graves of famous people. There's quite a good crowd as well, the music is great, they are playing south African music and sipping a Mojito while checking on this cute chapel is something i never thought i'd ever do. I'd get Wed here. Like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City. But i would not want to be dumped in a Vivienne Westwood dress though. By the way anyone know why they took the Penis off some of the Sculptures? I think i need a Gin and tonic to understand that. Stephan is pissed off coz i'm not showing real interest but hold on, You offer me drinks and then you want me to do real art critics? Lets do that again when i'm sober bro!


I had emotions that i can't possibly think of typing on a keyboard. So i'll let you appreciate some of it for yourselves. I hope you will be able to watch it outside the UK ( you know, sometimes they block ip thinggy) There was the screening of Robots of Brixton at the brick box in Brixton village. The images, the music, everything, everything was perfect! Out of this world. I wish i was taller so i could appreciate it better without having to sneak peak over the big hair of this dude in front of me but it's ok... They showed five short films, this one of my favorite, check it out. Man i'm so lucky to be in this city. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tuesday! 2nd week.

THE jacket

If there is something like hell i think i had a sense of it today!
I went through my budget and although i spent MUCH MUCH more than i expected on my oyster card ( maybe a weekly travel card would be better) I've been a good girl!
expected clothes bought in a week 1 million   result 0!
expected shoes bought in a week 1 zillion result 0! 
Accessories bought in a week 1 trillion result 3!
So yes I've been extremely good, although I've been holding back a lot. So today i'm going to treat meself to something nice. As a reward you know and i really want a leather jacket. So i'm going to find that today! I so know Topshop is THE place where i can have something nice and relatively cheap. So Jolly kitty march down to the top of the shop!
And i was right with a big ight! here is the Jacket i wanted, it's a hooded leather bomber in black with discrete zips. I know it's ''in'' but i don't like all these zippy zips everywhere on my jacket. There are only two left oh no i bet they don't have my size anymore. Yes 6!!! My luck! I try it on and it suits me perfectly and i roll my tongue on the rrrrrr of perfect! It's like a second skin, whoever created this bomber created it for me. I stare at my beautiful reflection in the mirror completely mesmerized! This is my jacket! it's got my name all over it! They even have a top which would be perfect combination oh and skinnies as well. Oh and this necklace and this multi ring. I could even add  these nice white rose clips to my hair! But a jacket will do for today and maybe the cute hair clip it's only 2 pounds or something. Talking about pounds, how much is that jacket? I give a last glance in the the mirror and i see sparkles in my eyes! Then i remove the jacket and check the price tag! Oh God 50 pounds! Rs2500! Worth it but exchange rate is against our poor Mauritian Rupees. that's almost a 2 weeks travel card! But i've been a good girl,i deserve it, i'll take it. I walk to the cashier feeling butterflies in my stomach. ''Kitty are you sure you want to take this, it's nice but think of all the other things you could do instead'' oh no not her! That's Margaret, my be a good girl little voice in my head! What i'm i doing, she is right i don't need that so i'll take it back. ''You've been a good girl Kitty you can let go a little bit and enjoy life. Remember how great you looked with this jacket on'' oh no not her now, not Lisa, my bad girl little voice in my head. Now shut up girls i need to concentrate. Or i could do this i'll think about it thing. But there's only two left, i quickly look around for more size 6 girls  but no 6 to be seen... quick glance outside. Nope no 6 to be seen! Plus honestly what is the probability that amongst all these clothes here someone would pick this one jacket! So i'll walk about a bit then come back!

hmmm what should i do what should i do?
OK do i want this jacket? 50 Pounds! It's a bargain so why do i feel so guilty? I should probably go back and check it out again? No i know if i go there i'll get it despite all my good intentions! Grrrrrrrr i want to Cry, scream, shout like a 3 year old begging for an ice-cream!
i have 4 weeks left to go! 50 pounds spent on one jacket at the start of the second week! Oh god yeah, that's bad! i cant do that, Margaret is right! Awful truth piercing my heart like a dagger!
I wanna go back home :-( home yes home in Mauritius! The place where there are no sexy jackets on rails! 
For that i'm gonna take a Big Mac! yes no organic food today! No healthy stuff. A big Fat Big Mac with this awful sauce! Once on my lips forever on my hips! Pfff who cares, what's the point of being a six if you cant have a leather jacket!And what's the point being in London if you cant be unreasonable! I hate you Margaret!
''You've become as tight as duck ass'' oh zip it Lisa!! Ok i'll go home, gotta get ready to meet pascal then tomorrow if i still want it i'll get it!

Planet Hollywood
I met Pascal at Planet Hollywood for dinner... Interesting place, probably not appropriate for what he wanted. It's this typical American place with lovely waitresses saying stuff like 'hi my name is Kate and i'll be serving you today, can i take your order? great Fantastic''  with an American accent. Funny but good standards of service culture. Pascal came directly from work and he still had his very chic corporate, shirt tucked in pants, tie and suit on, so being in a place where kids kept screaming every time they were on t.v was probably not quite the type of ambiance we were looking for. Food was Ok, mojito was ok. Ice cream could have been better. But great place to go if you have kids.

All we wanted is to eat as fast as we could to get out of there quick as the decibels of the kids screams we making it hard to have any kind of conversation. So i did swallow my fries and burger like a glutton. erm i think there is still a piece of meat stuck in my throat!

We then headed to this cool bar not far from The show which was just what we needed. Pleasant vibe and nice wine menu. We had a quick glass of champagne. Time was limited but we needed that ''normal'' atmosphere after the trauma of the kids screams. Pascal thinks i should let go and get the Jacket!

As i sat down on my red velvet seat i realised that i had never ever been to a musical in my entire 26 or is it 27 life... dang how old i'm i now? i was born in 84...
Anyway, last thing i've seen was Bolshoi Ballet, then Sakifo i don't know how many years ago when they had to stop because of the wind and way back when Plaza theater was still open, i saw a school play of Anne Frank. And that's it! Shall we start having more exciting stuff happening back there? I know there were a few more but work kept me away from them all... Mea Culpa
Pascal and some other people here seem excited as a tall, thin blond guy get seated in the private cubicles opposite us. I dont know him, why is he creating so much buzz. ''It's harry from essex''  echos everyone. Harry from what??? What's that? a band or something?. Pascal is outraged by my question because apparently he is famous even in Australia. He is in only way is essex or something and he's famous line is shut up! hmm interesting -_-'' . And apparently his sister owns something called vajazzel. Guess what it is? They wax your area then apply little sparkly designs to it! A Sparkly foufoune?? Common you gotta be kidding me. I'm i too short minded here? Oh well maybe! Guys before you say anything, they also wax YOUR area and add pejazzels! So as he says ''Shu hap'' 
It's starting so no more foufounes and Bling penis talks!
 ah ok so it's more like a tribute to Micheal Jackson's best Songs i thought it was a story of some sort. The dancers were amazing and this female singer wow, what i voice! What is she doing in a musical, she should be selling records all over the planet and even on other galaxies. Her name is Zoe Birkett if I'm not wrong. It's so perfect that i first thought it was all play back but then they open the curtains to show the whole orchestra behind the scenes. A guy playing electric guitar comes on stage and it made me smile coz god he looks like our local guitar star Tibault De Robillard! I bet tibault, roro and Laurant would so totally get hired if they applied.
But to be honest i'm not batting an eyelid everytime this guy is on stage, girls you should have seen that... such a sexy papa and he moves like a god and he does this thing with his hips and his lips... oups got carried away here... Go secretly google him, i tracked him on their FB official page cause i just had to take a closer look. His name is Simeon Henry. Stephan if you are reading that... you are much much much better!

I am so impressed I'm a 6 year old clapping frenetically after every songs sometimes a bit before the end even cause i thought it was over, shame i wanna hide! You wonder how they can move like that. I have to show you the video on Youtube. See what they do at the 25th second? They did it live, no tricks it's all for the truth! Wow! Thanks so much Pascal, my first Musical and i enjoyed every seconds of it! Not even thinking of my stupid Jacket anymore. I can always buy it online when I'm back in Mauritius and use my money to see more more and more musicals. I wanna see les Miserables, Lion King, Ghost and concerts and go theater and Opera! That's what London is about, shopping can always be online! I try em here then i can always buy them online if i still feel like it!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Saturday/ Sunday and Monday!

There's one and only one thing on my mind; Tonight i'm going to see my cousin yeahiiiii! You know, Mauritians with their family! Pascal left Australia to come to the UK on a super sexy scheme, he is super highly skilled! I knew i should have listened to my dad and choose Finance instead of Arts and literature! Pfff
I just love Pascal, every time he comes to Mauritius it's like none stop talks! I know it's officially my mum's favorite person on earth but i want a piece of it too!

But before we are off to Lunch with Stephan's friend who is also a super highly skilled in same field as pascal! Why does my days seems to organize themselves thematically?
I so totally see why Stephan wanted me to meet up with her, i like her. She is funny in a smart way if you see what i mean... And she's got this funny laugh as well! Love it! We went lunch at the Lounge in Brixton. It was quite nice. I had a good Burger with organic meat ( of course) and Ayanda had the most amazing veggie burger! You should have seen that, Big mushroom goat cheese if i'm not wrong and another mushroom. I may be wrong here yeah it might have not be goat cheese but i could not go fiddle in her burger! Veggies around Brixton, Go get one there!

I wish i could dress up to go to pascal's. He loves to host and i feel like it's impolite to go with trainers and jeans but i ain't got no choice. It's raining and i don't want to ruin my shoes. The only nice clothes i have would be Dresses but again it's freezing :-( me don't like that! He will understand i hope. He knows what i'm like normally.
He lives in Notting Hill! Lucky him! This place is so done for me! I feel more at home because i used to hang a lot here before when i lived at Kensal Green. I'm not sure if it's still the case, but Kate moss, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltro have their houses around here... ouuuh Maybe he will be walking his dog and i'll just wave at him and say '' oh hi Chris how art thou'' Why i'm i taking this posh accent, it's Chris Martin not the queen! Must be Notting hill air infusing poshtitude in me!

We had such a lovely time at Pascal's they are such great hosts. Good wine, good food, nice background music and their Flat is decorated with taste and simplicity. When i took the double deck bus i always tried to google in those Flats just to see what it looked like inside. Now i know! He made this delicious entree with Courgette, as main course Coq au vin and dessert crepes with raspberries! Loved it! He should go on come dine with me but i would not want this tease voice over to take the piss out of him!

As usual it's the usual fight to try get Stephan off his computer and try enjoy a simple Sunday! Honestly man, the guy doesn't have a stop button! At last at 12:00 i manage to get him out of there! And we're off to Spitafield market at Liverpool street. I always have a little thought here for this Mauritian Student who died in the bomb attack in Liverpool station a few years ago. Very sad...
It's crowded! they have made it bigger but still we are crowd surfing! But there are so many interesting things, specially vintage i guess, like this inky blue bag or this green bag that would look great with one of my dresses. But stephan is speeding! STOP we are here to look at things not just walk in the crowd just for the fuck of it! I understand, he is used to that but hey i haven't been here for more than two years cause last time i didn't go at all. I haven't got a phone so i don't want to loose him in the crowd. I must admit that i'm a bit of a pain too. i like to look, feel and smell every single items so one stall takes 30 minutes. We'll never get out of there if it's up to me to lead! I keep my eyes open on things that he might like as well cause it's his birthday soon. The very first time we are together at this time in four years!
Lunch now! I love it here cause the choice is tremendous. You would gather the fact that there is only black pudding and bacon if you've never been to London before but it's so multi-cultural. Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Ethiopian, Spanish etc etc etc. There was a Mauritian here but i can't see him today. He used to sell dholl puri and gato piment! It's my turn to choose today, but after going through every single stalls 3 times i turn to see Stephan raising his eyebrows so i stop frozen at the first stall i see. i'll have a duck waterver wrap if it can help smoothing this line becoming deeper and deeper in between his eyebrows! He doesn't take anything then after i've ordered  says he'll have a beigel at the bakery! NOOOOOOO i forgot this place, i also want a bagel, this fucking wrap is leaking and i've got stains all over now! See why you should also let men decide!

The beigel bakery is the local Dewa! It's this place open night and day on Bricklane. You can see them baking the beigels as well. Shit that's bad, because i've just finished my wrap but i'll have a beigel with philadelphia cheese! Forget about the tea there though, well bad!
Look how crowded it is and look at this shop display.
I kept thinking of Mario Gulliot when seeing that coz i bet he would love that display!

We then went visit Nadia. Stephan used to live with her and her little son. Ah, what is this in Stephan's eyes? Same sparkle as when he sees Claudia when he hugs 4 year old Zack and when he talks to Nadia. Funny though, from where i am seeing these three together i think they look like a happy family. I tilt my head a bit see if there is any kind of resemblance between Zack and him haha! Nadia lays all this food she made but i cant eat anything else! I taste some just to be polite and it's yummy, i wish i didn't had this wrap!

We were supposed to go to a 1940's party tonight which is to be held where they shot the king's speech but Stephan is too knackered. I don't want to push it either cause he's been good all day despite secretly checking his e-mails on his i-phone everytime he thought i was not looking! I seeeee youuuuuuu...

Monday will stand in one line;

p.s : Mum if you are reading this don't panic! i am not sleeping in the underground, starving and wanting to come back home. later in the evening we had a good time playing Poker ( he found your birthday gift already) I was beating him until i got giddy with Desperados!  And yes we are still together, and no i did not really rip my arm off!

Monday, June 20, 2011

The underground

Random alighting
Today i'm just going to do this thing where i take the tube and alight at the first station that sounds funny! Yeah i know, i've got a lot of time on my hand.. erm hello should i remind you that i'm on Holidays!
I love being in the tube... You see so many different people and characters. I know it's impolite to stare at people but hey, what d'you want me to do, they sit opposite me! I could be like those people who stare at a random ad just to avoid looking at you but i cant help it... Like there was this woman with such an interesting face. Super strange specs though... she was reading a book that i just had to order after because she looked like she was having such a good time reading it. Her eyes were sparkling and she had this secret smile on her face. I think it's one of those books my mum would like. That one:

There was also this man, quite built up with leather trousers, he was listening to his ipod and rocking his head... Looking at him i was like hmmm must be Metallica or something quite hardcore ( yeah i do this thing of guessing, you know keep me entertained) but when the tube stopped i could hear Dancing queen by Abba!!! Now i was totally wrong!
He then started to play Angry birds on his Iphone and was literally frothing out of the mouth and i could see this big vein on his forehead imploding! Dude I think a read like a mountain in Tibet would be better for you!

Ok that sounds Funny; Goodge street! Quite funky so i'll stop there! Wait a minute that's not far from Guy's studio! Oh yeah of course it is. I stopped at Warren street when i came to see him! So yeah been there already :-( but it's OK there were quite a few interesting bits i didn't see.

Goodge street

I went to this big shop called Habitat and wow this place just makes you want to have a super house here that you could jazz up with all these accessorizes. But it doesn't not make sense me being in this shop as i don't live here. One day maybe and for sure i'll get all my home stuff here!

There was also this other shop next to it where i got the most stupid buy ever! It's this cute little pocket size box with acetone pads in it. You know little discs. And it actually smells of Strawberry!!! Ha my dad would be happy if we had those in Mauritius because when my mum, my sister and i all start doing our nails at the same time he gets so annoyed. But honestly why did i buy that! Feminine logic; its pink, its for nails, it fits in your bag, it smells of strawberry and its only a pound so yes! Lets take it, and no i don't need a bag thanks...

I then randomly wander about, i must say it was probably not a clever move this Goodge street thing. It's nice yes but hmmm not what i was expecting... Yes i have expectation just from names of station! Like when i go Waterloo i expect everyone to sing ABBA.

These home shops are clever man, they put all these scents on the street so you would want to go in and check out what it is. Like Next Home had this heavenly smell that reminded me of my childhood! Quite sweet, berry mix i think it was. I had this box full of scented writing pads as a kid which used to smell like that.

Now what is this??? There is this shop just for stationary! STATIONARY! Paper chase it's called i think. Note pads, pens, pencils, files, basically everything for your office at work but with style!!! I am like a hungry baby in a topless bar! So confusing! What? do i want a stylish pen? it's just a pen! But what is it doing in my shopping bag! Do i want the notepad, the pencil and the diary of the same collection? No But again how did that pop into my shopping bag! All Regal rose'ish... Oh i wish i was still at school! At check out the guy said '' oh i can see you are a stationary fan'' What? a stationary fan? So it exists? People go nuts about pens and notepads for the truth?!!

Dios! You British know how to make people spend money!

Ok enough now! It's a bit cold and I'm not wearing the proper clothes again! From there i think i can walk to Covent garden, so i'll just get some stuff from this bead shop and go back home. I'll watch some t.v and start working on my new designs a bit... been Madame la Rue all week and i almost forgot what it's like to just sit on a sofa and watch t.v!

p.s : The English version of ''un dinner presque parfait'' is wicked, come dine with me its called and today there was this woman who eats whatever was road killed! She spots dead animals on the motor ways, smell if its edible and cooks it!! Oh my, i much prefer this delicious quinoa Stephan made for dinner...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Guy

Today i am meeting Guy! that's a cool dude... He is a sound engineer and music producer in Soho. Once he helped me understand the ''real'' meaning of words like normal, and cold. You know what it means? Like if you say '' This music is normal man'' ( with attitude yeah) it means the music is really good. Now if you say '' this music is cold man'' it mean it's like the best music ever. it's like the step above cool = COLD! It made sense coz when he put the music it went like ''this girl is so cold'' Sway ft Akon.
Click here if you wanna listen to the one he produced for Sway
. Not usually my cup of tea but i kind of like that one!

Ok back to my favorite Israeli. I love going to his studio. You know it one of those with a receptionist who checks your name on a list then press a secret button to let you in and gives you a secret number for the lift. ouuuh I feel spechiaaal!
Once i saw Diversity in the Studio, who will i see today hmmm....
Guy hasn't changed at all!i much preferred him with his long hair but short ain't bad. He's is quite cute. We watch some of the rushes of the film together on his huuuge big screen. i wonder how he manages all these screen and little buttons everywhere, it's quite fascinating. Then without preparing me psychologically enough, he shows me the music video he produced. He produced it with some of his friends, the music, the lyrics EVERYTHING! It's something he has done with his girlfriend and it's sooooo good! I suddenly feel extremely intimidated, i suddenly realize that this cool dude i liked just for being a cool dude is actually an important man! I'm frozen on my chair, i need to say something and put my jaw back into place. '' i'm really happy you like it'' he says with with his typical cool dude attitude. What you are happy i like it??? i mean hey man, i'm over the moon being there listening to what's the coolest sound i've ever heard in my whole life!!! Or should i say the Coldest! Paw's up!
I so can't wait to make you listen to that. I bet next summer ( Mauritian summer) we will all be turning our radio up to this track and dancing to it in the clubs and here i am non nonchalantly sitting in his studio and being the first listening to it! I wish it was ready for you to see but he said it needs a bit more work. Ok the shock was too big for me i'll just go back home after that. I did not realize until today that he had worked with so many people; Lisa Marie Presley, Noah and the whale( one of my favorite) Tiesto, ministry of sound and many more!
I think tomorrow i'll do something on my own. Been around too many important people over the last three days, it's not good for my self esteem :-)

Friday, June 17, 2011


Stephan got a day off today, first one since i arrived so it's cool. Last night i thought, well he had a busy time he must be tired so i'll welcome him home with a nice warm dinner like a good girlfriend. I think I'm an ok cook, but when it comes to Stephan i totally loose my confidence just because once he told me that my food was tasteless.... pff how dare him, a chef like me tasteless food! What a liberty! So I'm gonna keep it simple with pasta. His favorite veggie is Courgette so just chop some courgette, carrots, a bit of garlic butter and Basilic, a bit of cream chip chip all that in the wok. Take a glass of wine put a bit of music and dance at the same time. dadida all cool all groovy! boil the pasta and add a bit of chicken thingy in the water just to make sure there is a kind of taste. Fuck this meat aint defrosting, i wanted to do meat balls! Ok no meat balls. It's ready then isn't it? Bang on time, Stephan is here! At least my timing is perfect but i didn't taste it myself. Fuck it Que serra serra.
The man is hungry he is been traveling a lot and working a lot so i hope it works. I'm out of breath and my eyes are like owl's eyes as he put the fork in his mouth. ''Oh how about we put some cream'' well i have ''or garlic'' well i have '' herbs'' i have. I'm fuming but i keep smiling, i feel like Bree Van De Kamp, when she stays polite despite murder thoughts! I've done all that maybe he has a taste problem after all. Oh toss it, do what you like, add what you like! I see him take Parmesan from the fridge, yeah Parmesan, makes sense, why didn't i think about it before? oh BECAUSE IT STINKS!! But it's OK, no problem, be open. it's Europe so they don't put craft cheddar cheese in their pasta but Parmesan. This thing looks strange though kind of blueish. he spread lots on his pasta and i stop him when he tries to add as much for me. Yikes, the color is strange, the texture as well, and the smell... it tastes funny as well! I'm not a cheese expert like my sister and my dad. All i take is cheddar, Bree and Camembert and oh laughing cow! haha i love the English version of ''la vache qui rit '' Laughing cow'' hey can i have laughing cow on my toast please!
ok back to that thing, my tongue is slightingly numb after tasting this cheese, hmm that's one special cheese. It's like an anesthesia on your tongue so you can't taste the horrible food of your girlfriend. '' The cheese is off'' what? ''off'' off? ''Don't eat that, i can see the color and the smell aren't right'' ohhhhh that's what i thought! great here is two plated prepared with love in the bin and two sexy toasts with real cheese ( cheddar)! Lovely evening.

We are meeting Claudia today. Claudia is another of our glam friends. I am so jealous of her, she did a Music video with MUSE! MY MUSE! MY MATT BELLAMY! I'm gutted! Plus one of my favorite songs, time is running out arrrrg. When she finished Drama school she did a few music videos like you remember this 90's song Elle vit sa vie by Nuttea? well that's her. Once she asked me to translate what the song was about and we had such a laugh because she realized 10 years after that it was about prostitution!
She also had a part in footballers wives (and told me all about some of the actresses in real life) But i think her best performance was in Jane Eyre as Bertha. I was really impressed when i saw that.
Oh here is Claudia, she looks stunning. Like she is the dogs bollocks of sexiness. White top, jeans, black boots, oversize bag. And her hair is the bestest i have every seen. like these commercials you know when you see that girl's hair floating in the wind and you wonder what's her shampoo! I think Stephan has stopped breathing and i see hearts flying around his head. No woman but Claudia can have this effect on him, yes no one, even me! But i don't mind, if there is passion, there is life. I look at him and smile in acknowledgment and he laughs nervously. HA no one can hide things from me! I see straight through one's eyes! I let it be because the day I'll have Matt Bellamy at the other side of the street I'll be just like that.

We first have a coffee at Brixton Market in a small cafe. I gotta show you the pic cause i think it was very pretty. Look, Federation coffee i think it's called.

Claudia is telling us about LA. She just came back but i must admit that i am zoning out a bit because they are both sharing their actors experience and how LA is the obvious route as she came back with so much stuff. Stephan wants to go to LA? hmmm yeah i think we talked about that before, it would make sense for him definitely.
We then go for lunch, again organic. That's Stephan see all Organic! Like the other day i bought Crumpets ( haha i love saying Crumpets, i think it's a funny word) well i bought crumpets ( haha) and i thought Nutella on that would be good, but the guy has got, spreadable 100% organic cacao. -_-'' Couldn't we just get the good old Nutella?
He wanted to try think place where they do sour dough pizza, Franco manca i think it's called. Got no clue why sour dough pizza is so exciting but yeah ok... A lovely south-african waitress comes and highly recommend something that doesn't look attractive at all and something else with Chorizo ( Mum? chorizo haha) Sorry there it's just a joke between my mum and i.
So we'll take both and share. I must admit that the first one doesnt sound too exciting but it has got no tomato sauce, which is a relief for me. But wild broccoli and a wootton thingy on a pizza? hmmm that doesnt seem like a pizza to me but hey let's experiment, the waitress looked excited about that one. More acting talk and i'm quite distracted by this ice cream place just next to me. The ice cream girl looks so pretty. She looks like a porcelain doll. Red hair roughly tied at the back with a few hair flying on her face. A fringe accentuating her beautiful blue eyes and a red lipstick. I think it's just the most beautiful ice cream girl ever. I can understand if the butcher would eat ice cream all day. She looks like she emerged from the 60's and gives the loveliest smile to all the customers.I think Bruno Mars wrote this song for her.
here is our pizza. The green things lying on this white pizza doesn't quite appeal to me but i'm starving. So i'll have a bite. But wait a minute. This thing is really tasty! Really really tasty! Who would have thought! I think i could live on organic food if it's all tasty like that! Highly recommended! I totally understand why one would prefer that to a normal pizza because i even eat the crust and don't feel bloated at all after! Hmm i get it!
Oups the conversation, now diverts to me, about my film. Yeah i had a the main role in a feature film which will be out soon and they are asking about it now. I must admit that i'm quite intimidated to talk about that with Claudia because she is a real actress while i accidentally got the role that all actress would die for. She had beed very supportive when i said that i was going to do this film and gave me a lot of tips. They both think that i'm stupid not to go more for acting as apparently 'i am talented' but to be honest, i want to see the film first just to try to judge myself if i'm good. I mean i don't want to be a model reconverted into acting just because i'm ''pretty''. I must say that they are convincing me a bit but hey, let's stick to my plan even if it's stupid.

Stephan is gonna go home and we'll go shopping a bit more then we'll go meet him at home. I thought i could take some of this delicious custard at M&S with some raspberries and strawberries from the farmers market. A treat to die for!
Shopping now!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Street Trekking

Funny i had to think quite hard to know what day it is! you kind of loose track on things a little bit when you are doing so much stuff innit! I'm really excited, i'm going to see Ivana today yeahiii! I'm so happy because one i will have some company and two Ivana is such a nice person to be with. Last time i did not see her much because she was not in London. She had one of the main parts in Casualty, hmm do they show that in Mauritius? When she was in London for the week-end it was so cool because people looked at her thinking ''hmm i know her'' and i secretly wanted to whisper ''on the telly, that's where you saw her'' ha, me walking about in London with a t.v star! You would not tell though because she is so down to earth and loveable; the sweetest!

THE road trekking

Here is Ivana! Doesn't she looks nice! It's one of those girls who doesn't need blings, at all! She is wearing simple jeans, nice top and flip flops which shows her beautiful toes painted in Bordeaux. She has got this beautiful long and shinny auburn hair and pale green eyes with a touch of honey and her cheeks are a bit red because of the heat in the underground.
Because oxford street is so crowded we decide to go convent garden instead, which is a good thing because i'm dying to get an apple crumble at food for thoughts. It is honestly the best on you would ever have! highly recommended if you are going to London!
I love Covent garden as well, i think it's quite poetic, lots of street performers and music, the royal opera house is there so you see it's pretty 'art driven' i guess. But i have to say that generally speaking there is a lot of building works in central London, i guess it's for the Olympics so the noise in every corner is a touch annoying because you can't hear the music so much and you can't either hear the announcements of the street performers, and that's what Covent garden is about really. We go get a coffee and i see this Cafe called Paul! mama they have the best hot chocolate ever. They literally melt real chocolate in milk and it is soooo yummy. But as we'll grab and go we'll just take coffee somewhere else and save Paul for another time. But just to give you an idea look at their pastries...

Ivana knows it all here. She shows me this shop which is amazing then surprise surprise it's actually Lilly Allen's shop and it looks soooooo cute.It's called Lucy in disguise if i'm not wrong, not to be mistaken with lussi in the sky which is one of my favorite french artist.
Lots of Vintage stuff and the cool thing is that you can actually rent the clothes and it doesn't even cost an arm. They also do the whole thing, like they have this part in the shop where they do make-overs so you can literally go there and do you hair, make-up, pick an outfit from Lilly Allen's wardrobe and go! Sounds like a plan to me... When could i do that hmmmm...I walk out head full of plans...

oh my god what is that?? Huge shop with an amazing set up. They've put lots of Red shoes in the glass and again SALE. How are you supposed to stay sane when there is so much sales! It's Kurt Geiger and the shop is MASSIVE! Lots of shoes everywhere and they have like 50% sales on them. 40 quid for that pair of stilettos? wow! There's more downstairs says the sales girls who's must be having a good time working 9 hours a day in those 15 cm pump heels!
as i walk down i actually feel a bit dizzy, these mirrors man, you are almost afraid to reach the end and not even be aware! But who cares it's soooo cool! I'll have to come back here... i saw some nice one but like ivana says ''i'm gonna give it a thought''

There is this place i went once which sells Jewellery supplies. Oh yeah i make jewellery by the way, and my sister is my super good sales person because i can never go and sell my own stuff. You cant really say '' hey this is really pretty and this looks great on you' when you have actually done it yourself innit. We've been looking for it everywhere and it's only after an hour that i realize that ivana misunderstood me. Yes with my stupid English/french accent she understood beach shop instead of beadshop! aie aie aie!

When we finally find it i totally get into my zone... so many things to choose from! I can see this on a nice long necklace and this on a bracelet and this on ear-rings. Oh i can even start making brooches, i love brooches. I thought it could be nice to take different charms and let people decide themselves which charms they want on their bracelets according to their memories or tastes, like in the movie if only with Jennifer Love Hewitt. I am so absorbed by all these treasures that i did not notice this woman opposite me with a fuchsia dress and green fairy wings and one of those big red and white lollies... That's what i love about London, a 40 year old wants to be a fairy well she is a fairy and no one gives a wank!

I had a lovely time with Ivana, we just walked everywhere, god knows how we started at Covent garden to finish at Green park via Soho! We just sat in green park with our beer after at least 3 hours none stop walking, talking about how we also secretly wanted to be a princess as we see Buckingham palace from where we are... Harry?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Again i wake up a bit tired. Stephan went to Brussels last night which is a bit of a pity but hey, the man is busy. So i was alone in a new flat not quite knowing what to do. It's not like my house in Rose-hill where all you hear is dogs barking at night. there's quite a lot going on; Music, people laughing on the streets, police cars, ambulances so i was not quite at rest. But funnily enough, this morning, i look great! No No wait. I usually have quite dark circles when i'm tired but i've been using this Dermaphuzion eye gel a friend recommended and it works wonders! i'm quite surprised i didn't expect it to work like that. You see those ads but they nothing happens but i think i found my new best friend!
In a way it's nice to be alone, i can go wander a bit. Stephan hates it when i drag him to shops which sucks cause the man knows exactly what clothes to pick for me. He once got me this beautiful Preen trousers at a sample sales and a Gia dress on portobello market which looks so stunning that i'm scared to wear it.But never mind i'll get stuff that he will then call fashion crime...

Getting warm for oxford street

This time i wont get fooled by the weather forecast so i'll put my leg warmers, a pair on jeans, a little top under my top, a jacket and a scarf! You have to be focused on what's around you when you go on oxford street you know so you can't be so cold that you want to go back home before seeing everything. My friend Anaelle's mother make woolen hats and i got one purple and pink and i think it looks quite cute so i'll wear that today. I always wanted to wear in it Mauritius but the weather was not suitable enough.
oh my, Oxford street is only 5 station from Brixton. Way too accessible for my mental health. But i'm gonna be a good girl. First time i blew all my money away in just 2 weeks and the rest of the holidays were quite painful because, it's just when you are penny-less that everything looks even more attractive! So this time i've set a budget. A tight budget as i was not working for two months but fortunately i had saved. One should always save you know that don't you? My technique is to take a percentage of my salary and check the currency rate then change it when it's affordable. So that's how i could come despite being jobless.

Oxford street
Mamamia the street is buzzing! As soon as my head peeks out of the underground i see this; UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON SALE! H&M SALE, TOPSHOP SALE. SALE SALE SALE everyfuckingwhere! Ok kitty where do you want to go? right towards topshop or left towards selfridges? First time i came Stephan showed me around all the sexy places but omitted to mention PRIMARK! Nothing like our Pridemark. It's a huge shop on 2 floors which sells everything for nuggets! So every time i go London i go there first because it gives me an idea of what i could get cheaper than other mainstreams stores. What they do is a bit cheeky because sometimes you can get the exact same thing for cheaper which i don't get as everything seems to be made in Madrid while everything else is made in China or Mauritius! So where is it left or right... It's near Marble Arch so it must be left I could get back in the tube and take the central line but what's the point I'm on Oxford street so who cares if i have to walk! Plus i promised to make 20 quid last 1 week on my oyster card!
Jesus i was so overwhelmed by everything that i did not realize that it's actually hot! Fuck, now i look like an idiot with my winter wear while everyone else is wearing light summer dresses and sandals! Well done Kitten! You got it wrong again!

On the way to Primark
All i see is this

It's like boxing day early. I got to pull myself together. I see all these people with their yellow bags; Selfridges is doing a huge sale and people are queuing up outside. There is a Japanese tourist posing with her huge bags in front of the store. I can only imagine whats in there, DIOR, Mcqueen, Stella Mc Cartney, Armani. The real ones you know, not the ones we get la foire Quatres-Bornes! This place just oozes luxury and class! My secret dream is to one have a pair of Louboutin, you know with the red soles but hey i haven't started to crap money yet so let's go Primark!
It's easy to know when you are close to primark, you see girls walking towards you with the biggest smile on their face with their big brown bags and guys looking all traumatized; 2 FLOORS man! Thousands of cheap things to choose from. I once got a super grey corporate dress there and when i used to wear it at work everybody thought that it was a big brand but no Primark, 4 pounds!
I've already forgotten selfridges, I'm not fantasizing at all on what's in those yellow bags, I'm not thinking Jimmy Choo, Juicy couture, Chanel or Marc Jacobs anymore! Nope not even staring at this woman who's got a Miu Miu shoe box in her yellow bag.
Aha i've got a Miu miu purse! My cousin Melissa is so sweet, she got me a Miu Miu purse once and an Anna Sui coin purse when she went to New-York. So here you go lady look at my sexy purse!
Primark is there, people are sitting outside probably drained by all the shopping. It once took me 2 hours to do the whole thing. Oulala very promising actually. Lots of swallow patterns and beige and cream. It's all so pretty but what a mess! It's like the savanna here, women are like lioness grabbing clothes from the rails then just throwing it on the floor. Poor shop assistant it looks like he wants to pull all his hair off.
Ground floor is way too crowded, honestly what are all these tourists doing here?! Go back home and let me enjoy my shopping! So i head up to the first floor, rows and rows of shoes, bags and accessories but hmmm hold's not as cheap as i remember anymore. I mean yeah it's cheap compared to other shops but where are my 5 pounds or even 1 pound shoes? Anyway it's too crowded here as well so I'll just go to the accessories corner. Now that's a deal... nice rings, hair accessories, bracelets... I'll get only that for today and come back when it's more quiet. Plus with the temperature here my legs are hitching because of those silly leg warmers! And i feel a little twitch as well... oh i see, last time i came with my sister and we had such a good time. And every time i looked at something i though, she would have liked that or that would suit Anaelle perfectly and Melissa would love this and that! We have to do that once all together, like a girl shopping on oxford street.
On the way back I'll get some flowers. There's a nice white framed window like in the movies at the flat and i always wanted to have a window like that with lavenders in a nice pot. The flower man at the exit of Brixton station sells them...