Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 1

Arriving in Brixton
So here i am in my favorite city on earth. It's a bit confusing this time. The previous years i was staying in a quiet place called Kensal Green up north but this time i'm in Brixton.
From the airport i took the tube so all underground basically and arriving at Brixton station was a bit of a shocker. In a good way of course. It was Saturday nite and the vibe was quite festive. I still don't get how those girls can walk in tiny dresses when it's like 10 degrees. I should try that someday. So it was very different from arriving at super quiet Kensal Green station. It was very busy, a bit loud even. I saw this girl looking at my suitcases and i was kind of proud, i felt like a real world traveler, i thought hmm she must be envious and wondering where i'm from. it always put a smile on people's face when i say Mauritius. They find it very exotic. It's like when we see someone from New-york and go whaow. Then i looked at her face again to realize that she was actually thinking something more like ''What the fuck are those big ribbons on her suitcase'' i'm almost tempted to tell her about this technique to find your luggage more easily but then i see this, TOPSHOP! oh and this H&M, oh here is Bodyshop, M&S! No way! i'll live in a town where i can't run away from this! That is sooooo dangerous for my mental health! Look at this dress, and these shoes, oh god i need a hat! Ok kitty relax, you've got a month for that, you need a shower and a sleep for now. God look at this handbag!

I wake up quite knackered, apparently i've been talking in my sleep. I've been saying ''only a month'' that's a surprise, I dream in English. Good to know!
Stephan is taking me to this place he has been talking about, some breakfast place which specialize in Duck eggs. I'm quite excited about that. You know like in the movies we always see white eggs and not brownish eggs like we use. I like the look of that on the telly but we'll see. I thought it was already summer so i didn't bring much warm clothes but it is actually quite cold. Judging by the color of my nose it must be something like 12 degrees or something. But it's okay Stephan propose a walk so it's good, it's gonna keep me warm.
Brixton is actually really nice. We are walking on electric avenue, remember the 80's song by Eddy Grant it goes ''We gonna rock down to Electric Avenue and then we'll take it higher'' i cant stop but having this song in my head while walking.

Duck egg Cafe
Now this place is cute. I love the ambiance.Families are here sipping their coffee, having breakfast. If i knew the place was like that i would have put nicer clothes. Not that it's posh or anything but it's more like,you know the type of place where you want to have flowers in your hair or a hat maybe. And maybe a nice Vintage Dress, i saw one on the way there i bet it would suit me perfectly, and some gloves that i would remove elegantly finger by finger like those Ladies in movies when they go breakfast at Tiffany's.
They are playing my favorite song ever, My girl by the temptation. Now i really love this place. I also love the way that guy next to me says 'Dock''. HA British accent!
Ok the menu, no argument there; full English breakfast. ''Duck egg or hen egg?'' asks the lovely waitress. Duck egg of course! i read that their Eggs are free range and comes from a farm in Norfolk. Haven't got a clue where Norfolk is but i love the idea that my eggs come from a farm. You know little duck walking about in green pastures near ponds, maybe they even train them to do yoga to make the eggs better. And the farmer's name would be Jimmy Nussbaum and he would have a lovely wife making pies for their daughter Amy!
It's kind of trend here to eat free range dash organic and i guess it's a good thing because food production is quite industrial so to say. I remember Jamie Oliver's documentary about 3 years ago on chicken production, it was quite sad so yeah I'm gonna eat free range as much as i can.God i'm trying to think of the name of the documentary... Jaimie Oliver Chicken nightmare? oh no i'm getting confused with Gordon Ramsay kitchen nightmare!
And here arrives my beautiful plate. hmmm it looks yummy. Just need to remove this tomato from my plate asap ( i am tomato phobic and forgot that they include tomatoes in English breakfast, well at least it's real tomatoes, sometimes they put those horrible canned peeled tomatoes and they eat it RAW!)
Lovely golden toasts, bacon, baked beans, mushrooms and Le fameux egg! The yolk is a bit darker than hen eggs and it's a bit more tasty but you would not tell the difference if you didn't know.
Apparently duck eggs are healthier, more KCal of energy and more protein. That's what i need. Yeah i think i could get a bit healthier.
Oh i took a picture for you

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