Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tuesday! 2nd week.

THE jacket

If there is something like hell i think i had a sense of it today!
I went through my budget and although i spent MUCH MUCH more than i expected on my oyster card ( maybe a weekly travel card would be better) I've been a good girl!
expected clothes bought in a week 1 million   result 0!
expected shoes bought in a week 1 zillion result 0! 
Accessories bought in a week 1 trillion result 3!
So yes I've been extremely good, although I've been holding back a lot. So today i'm going to treat meself to something nice. As a reward you know and i really want a leather jacket. So i'm going to find that today! I so know Topshop is THE place where i can have something nice and relatively cheap. So Jolly kitty march down to the top of the shop!
And i was right with a big ight! here is the Jacket i wanted, it's a hooded leather bomber in black with discrete zips. I know it's ''in'' but i don't like all these zippy zips everywhere on my jacket. There are only two left oh no i bet they don't have my size anymore. Yes 6!!! My luck! I try it on and it suits me perfectly and i roll my tongue on the rrrrrr of perfect! It's like a second skin, whoever created this bomber created it for me. I stare at my beautiful reflection in the mirror completely mesmerized! This is my jacket! it's got my name all over it! They even have a top which would be perfect combination oh and skinnies as well. Oh and this necklace and this multi ring. I could even add  these nice white rose clips to my hair! But a jacket will do for today and maybe the cute hair clip it's only 2 pounds or something. Talking about pounds, how much is that jacket? I give a last glance in the the mirror and i see sparkles in my eyes! Then i remove the jacket and check the price tag! Oh God 50 pounds! Rs2500! Worth it but exchange rate is against our poor Mauritian Rupees. that's almost a 2 weeks travel card! But i've been a good girl,i deserve it, i'll take it. I walk to the cashier feeling butterflies in my stomach. ''Kitty are you sure you want to take this, it's nice but think of all the other things you could do instead'' oh no not her! That's Margaret, my be a good girl little voice in my head! What i'm i doing, she is right i don't need that so i'll take it back. ''You've been a good girl Kitty you can let go a little bit and enjoy life. Remember how great you looked with this jacket on'' oh no not her now, not Lisa, my bad girl little voice in my head. Now shut up girls i need to concentrate. Or i could do this i'll think about it thing. But there's only two left, i quickly look around for more size 6 girls  but no 6 to be seen... quick glance outside. Nope no 6 to be seen! Plus honestly what is the probability that amongst all these clothes here someone would pick this one jacket! So i'll walk about a bit then come back!

hmmm what should i do what should i do?
OK do i want this jacket? 50 Pounds! It's a bargain so why do i feel so guilty? I should probably go back and check it out again? No i know if i go there i'll get it despite all my good intentions! Grrrrrrrr i want to Cry, scream, shout like a 3 year old begging for an ice-cream!
i have 4 weeks left to go! 50 pounds spent on one jacket at the start of the second week! Oh god yeah, that's bad! i cant do that, Margaret is right! Awful truth piercing my heart like a dagger!
I wanna go back home :-( home yes home in Mauritius! The place where there are no sexy jackets on rails! 
For that i'm gonna take a Big Mac! yes no organic food today! No healthy stuff. A big Fat Big Mac with this awful sauce! Once on my lips forever on my hips! Pfff who cares, what's the point of being a six if you cant have a leather jacket!And what's the point being in London if you cant be unreasonable! I hate you Margaret!
''You've become as tight as duck ass'' oh zip it Lisa!! Ok i'll go home, gotta get ready to meet pascal then tomorrow if i still want it i'll get it!

Planet Hollywood
I met Pascal at Planet Hollywood for dinner... Interesting place, probably not appropriate for what he wanted. It's this typical American place with lovely waitresses saying stuff like 'hi my name is Kate and i'll be serving you today, can i take your order? great Fantastic''  with an American accent. Funny but good standards of service culture. Pascal came directly from work and he still had his very chic corporate, shirt tucked in pants, tie and suit on, so being in a place where kids kept screaming every time they were on t.v was probably not quite the type of ambiance we were looking for. Food was Ok, mojito was ok. Ice cream could have been better. But great place to go if you have kids.

All we wanted is to eat as fast as we could to get out of there quick as the decibels of the kids screams we making it hard to have any kind of conversation. So i did swallow my fries and burger like a glutton. erm i think there is still a piece of meat stuck in my throat!

We then headed to this cool bar not far from The show which was just what we needed. Pleasant vibe and nice wine menu. We had a quick glass of champagne. Time was limited but we needed that ''normal'' atmosphere after the trauma of the kids screams. Pascal thinks i should let go and get the Jacket!

As i sat down on my red velvet seat i realised that i had never ever been to a musical in my entire 26 or is it 27 life... dang how old i'm i now? i was born in 84...
Anyway, last thing i've seen was Bolshoi Ballet, then Sakifo i don't know how many years ago when they had to stop because of the wind and way back when Plaza theater was still open, i saw a school play of Anne Frank. And that's it! Shall we start having more exciting stuff happening back there? I know there were a few more but work kept me away from them all... Mea Culpa
Pascal and some other people here seem excited as a tall, thin blond guy get seated in the private cubicles opposite us. I dont know him, why is he creating so much buzz. ''It's harry from essex''  echos everyone. Harry from what??? What's that? a band or something?. Pascal is outraged by my question because apparently he is famous even in Australia. He is in only way is essex or something and he's famous line is shut up! hmm interesting -_-'' . And apparently his sister owns something called vajazzel. Guess what it is? They wax your area then apply little sparkly designs to it! A Sparkly foufoune?? Common you gotta be kidding me. I'm i too short minded here? Oh well maybe! Guys before you say anything, they also wax YOUR area and add pejazzels! So as he says ''Shu hap'' 
It's starting so no more foufounes and Bling penis talks!
 ah ok so it's more like a tribute to Micheal Jackson's best Songs i thought it was a story of some sort. The dancers were amazing and this female singer wow, what i voice! What is she doing in a musical, she should be selling records all over the planet and even on other galaxies. Her name is Zoe Birkett if I'm not wrong. It's so perfect that i first thought it was all play back but then they open the curtains to show the whole orchestra behind the scenes. A guy playing electric guitar comes on stage and it made me smile coz god he looks like our local guitar star Tibault De Robillard! I bet tibault, roro and Laurant would so totally get hired if they applied.
But to be honest i'm not batting an eyelid everytime this guy is on stage, girls you should have seen that... such a sexy papa and he moves like a god and he does this thing with his hips and his lips... oups got carried away here... Go secretly google him, i tracked him on their FB official page cause i just had to take a closer look. His name is Simeon Henry. Stephan if you are reading that... you are much much much better!

I am so impressed I'm a 6 year old clapping frenetically after every songs sometimes a bit before the end even cause i thought it was over, shame i wanna hide! You wonder how they can move like that. I have to show you the video on Youtube. See what they do at the 25th second? They did it live, no tricks it's all for the truth! Wow! Thanks so much Pascal, my first Musical and i enjoyed every seconds of it! Not even thinking of my stupid Jacket anymore. I can always buy it online when I'm back in Mauritius and use my money to see more more and more musicals. I wanna see les Miserables, Lion King, Ghost and concerts and go theater and Opera! That's what London is about, shopping can always be online! I try em here then i can always buy them online if i still feel like it!

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