Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Guy

Today i am meeting Guy! that's a cool dude... He is a sound engineer and music producer in Soho. Once he helped me understand the ''real'' meaning of words like normal, and cold. You know what it means? Like if you say '' This music is normal man'' ( with attitude yeah) it means the music is really good. Now if you say '' this music is cold man'' it mean it's like the best music ever. it's like the step above cool = COLD! It made sense coz when he put the music it went like ''this girl is so cold'' Sway ft Akon.
Click here if you wanna listen to the one he produced for Sway
. Not usually my cup of tea but i kind of like that one!

Ok back to my favorite Israeli. I love going to his studio. You know it one of those with a receptionist who checks your name on a list then press a secret button to let you in and gives you a secret number for the lift. ouuuh I feel spechiaaal!
Once i saw Diversity in the Studio, who will i see today hmmm....
Guy hasn't changed at all!i much preferred him with his long hair but short ain't bad. He's is quite cute. We watch some of the rushes of the film together on his huuuge big screen. i wonder how he manages all these screen and little buttons everywhere, it's quite fascinating. Then without preparing me psychologically enough, he shows me the music video he produced. He produced it with some of his friends, the music, the lyrics EVERYTHING! It's something he has done with his girlfriend and it's sooooo good! I suddenly feel extremely intimidated, i suddenly realize that this cool dude i liked just for being a cool dude is actually an important man! I'm frozen on my chair, i need to say something and put my jaw back into place. '' i'm really happy you like it'' he says with with his typical cool dude attitude. What you are happy i like it??? i mean hey man, i'm over the moon being there listening to what's the coolest sound i've ever heard in my whole life!!! Or should i say the Coldest! Paw's up!
I so can't wait to make you listen to that. I bet next summer ( Mauritian summer) we will all be turning our radio up to this track and dancing to it in the clubs and here i am non nonchalantly sitting in his studio and being the first listening to it! I wish it was ready for you to see but he said it needs a bit more work. Ok the shock was too big for me i'll just go back home after that. I did not realize until today that he had worked with so many people; Lisa Marie Presley, Noah and the whale( one of my favorite) Tiesto, ministry of sound and many more!
I think tomorrow i'll do something on my own. Been around too many important people over the last three days, it's not good for my self esteem :-)

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