Thursday, June 16, 2011

Street Trekking

Funny i had to think quite hard to know what day it is! you kind of loose track on things a little bit when you are doing so much stuff innit! I'm really excited, i'm going to see Ivana today yeahiii! I'm so happy because one i will have some company and two Ivana is such a nice person to be with. Last time i did not see her much because she was not in London. She had one of the main parts in Casualty, hmm do they show that in Mauritius? When she was in London for the week-end it was so cool because people looked at her thinking ''hmm i know her'' and i secretly wanted to whisper ''on the telly, that's where you saw her'' ha, me walking about in London with a t.v star! You would not tell though because she is so down to earth and loveable; the sweetest!

THE road trekking

Here is Ivana! Doesn't she looks nice! It's one of those girls who doesn't need blings, at all! She is wearing simple jeans, nice top and flip flops which shows her beautiful toes painted in Bordeaux. She has got this beautiful long and shinny auburn hair and pale green eyes with a touch of honey and her cheeks are a bit red because of the heat in the underground.
Because oxford street is so crowded we decide to go convent garden instead, which is a good thing because i'm dying to get an apple crumble at food for thoughts. It is honestly the best on you would ever have! highly recommended if you are going to London!
I love Covent garden as well, i think it's quite poetic, lots of street performers and music, the royal opera house is there so you see it's pretty 'art driven' i guess. But i have to say that generally speaking there is a lot of building works in central London, i guess it's for the Olympics so the noise in every corner is a touch annoying because you can't hear the music so much and you can't either hear the announcements of the street performers, and that's what Covent garden is about really. We go get a coffee and i see this Cafe called Paul! mama they have the best hot chocolate ever. They literally melt real chocolate in milk and it is soooo yummy. But as we'll grab and go we'll just take coffee somewhere else and save Paul for another time. But just to give you an idea look at their pastries...

Ivana knows it all here. She shows me this shop which is amazing then surprise surprise it's actually Lilly Allen's shop and it looks soooooo cute.It's called Lucy in disguise if i'm not wrong, not to be mistaken with lussi in the sky which is one of my favorite french artist.
Lots of Vintage stuff and the cool thing is that you can actually rent the clothes and it doesn't even cost an arm. They also do the whole thing, like they have this part in the shop where they do make-overs so you can literally go there and do you hair, make-up, pick an outfit from Lilly Allen's wardrobe and go! Sounds like a plan to me... When could i do that hmmmm...I walk out head full of plans...

oh my god what is that?? Huge shop with an amazing set up. They've put lots of Red shoes in the glass and again SALE. How are you supposed to stay sane when there is so much sales! It's Kurt Geiger and the shop is MASSIVE! Lots of shoes everywhere and they have like 50% sales on them. 40 quid for that pair of stilettos? wow! There's more downstairs says the sales girls who's must be having a good time working 9 hours a day in those 15 cm pump heels!
as i walk down i actually feel a bit dizzy, these mirrors man, you are almost afraid to reach the end and not even be aware! But who cares it's soooo cool! I'll have to come back here... i saw some nice one but like ivana says ''i'm gonna give it a thought''

There is this place i went once which sells Jewellery supplies. Oh yeah i make jewellery by the way, and my sister is my super good sales person because i can never go and sell my own stuff. You cant really say '' hey this is really pretty and this looks great on you' when you have actually done it yourself innit. We've been looking for it everywhere and it's only after an hour that i realize that ivana misunderstood me. Yes with my stupid English/french accent she understood beach shop instead of beadshop! aie aie aie!

When we finally find it i totally get into my zone... so many things to choose from! I can see this on a nice long necklace and this on a bracelet and this on ear-rings. Oh i can even start making brooches, i love brooches. I thought it could be nice to take different charms and let people decide themselves which charms they want on their bracelets according to their memories or tastes, like in the movie if only with Jennifer Love Hewitt. I am so absorbed by all these treasures that i did not notice this woman opposite me with a fuchsia dress and green fairy wings and one of those big red and white lollies... That's what i love about London, a 40 year old wants to be a fairy well she is a fairy and no one gives a wank!

I had a lovely time with Ivana, we just walked everywhere, god knows how we started at Covent garden to finish at Green park via Soho! We just sat in green park with our beer after at least 3 hours none stop walking, talking about how we also secretly wanted to be a princess as we see Buckingham palace from where we are... Harry?

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