Monday, June 20, 2011

The underground

Random alighting
Today i'm just going to do this thing where i take the tube and alight at the first station that sounds funny! Yeah i know, i've got a lot of time on my hand.. erm hello should i remind you that i'm on Holidays!
I love being in the tube... You see so many different people and characters. I know it's impolite to stare at people but hey, what d'you want me to do, they sit opposite me! I could be like those people who stare at a random ad just to avoid looking at you but i cant help it... Like there was this woman with such an interesting face. Super strange specs though... she was reading a book that i just had to order after because she looked like she was having such a good time reading it. Her eyes were sparkling and she had this secret smile on her face. I think it's one of those books my mum would like. That one:

There was also this man, quite built up with leather trousers, he was listening to his ipod and rocking his head... Looking at him i was like hmmm must be Metallica or something quite hardcore ( yeah i do this thing of guessing, you know keep me entertained) but when the tube stopped i could hear Dancing queen by Abba!!! Now i was totally wrong!
He then started to play Angry birds on his Iphone and was literally frothing out of the mouth and i could see this big vein on his forehead imploding! Dude I think a read like a mountain in Tibet would be better for you!

Ok that sounds Funny; Goodge street! Quite funky so i'll stop there! Wait a minute that's not far from Guy's studio! Oh yeah of course it is. I stopped at Warren street when i came to see him! So yeah been there already :-( but it's OK there were quite a few interesting bits i didn't see.

Goodge street

I went to this big shop called Habitat and wow this place just makes you want to have a super house here that you could jazz up with all these accessorizes. But it doesn't not make sense me being in this shop as i don't live here. One day maybe and for sure i'll get all my home stuff here!

There was also this other shop next to it where i got the most stupid buy ever! It's this cute little pocket size box with acetone pads in it. You know little discs. And it actually smells of Strawberry!!! Ha my dad would be happy if we had those in Mauritius because when my mum, my sister and i all start doing our nails at the same time he gets so annoyed. But honestly why did i buy that! Feminine logic; its pink, its for nails, it fits in your bag, it smells of strawberry and its only a pound so yes! Lets take it, and no i don't need a bag thanks...

I then randomly wander about, i must say it was probably not a clever move this Goodge street thing. It's nice yes but hmmm not what i was expecting... Yes i have expectation just from names of station! Like when i go Waterloo i expect everyone to sing ABBA.

These home shops are clever man, they put all these scents on the street so you would want to go in and check out what it is. Like Next Home had this heavenly smell that reminded me of my childhood! Quite sweet, berry mix i think it was. I had this box full of scented writing pads as a kid which used to smell like that.

Now what is this??? There is this shop just for stationary! STATIONARY! Paper chase it's called i think. Note pads, pens, pencils, files, basically everything for your office at work but with style!!! I am like a hungry baby in a topless bar! So confusing! What? do i want a stylish pen? it's just a pen! But what is it doing in my shopping bag! Do i want the notepad, the pencil and the diary of the same collection? No But again how did that pop into my shopping bag! All Regal rose'ish... Oh i wish i was still at school! At check out the guy said '' oh i can see you are a stationary fan'' What? a stationary fan? So it exists? People go nuts about pens and notepads for the truth?!!

Dios! You British know how to make people spend money!

Ok enough now! It's a bit cold and I'm not wearing the proper clothes again! From there i think i can walk to Covent garden, so i'll just get some stuff from this bead shop and go back home. I'll watch some t.v and start working on my new designs a bit... been Madame la Rue all week and i almost forgot what it's like to just sit on a sofa and watch t.v!

p.s : The English version of ''un dinner presque parfait'' is wicked, come dine with me its called and today there was this woman who eats whatever was road killed! She spots dead animals on the motor ways, smell if its edible and cooks it!! Oh my, i much prefer this delicious quinoa Stephan made for dinner...

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