Friday, June 17, 2011


Stephan got a day off today, first one since i arrived so it's cool. Last night i thought, well he had a busy time he must be tired so i'll welcome him home with a nice warm dinner like a good girlfriend. I think I'm an ok cook, but when it comes to Stephan i totally loose my confidence just because once he told me that my food was tasteless.... pff how dare him, a chef like me tasteless food! What a liberty! So I'm gonna keep it simple with pasta. His favorite veggie is Courgette so just chop some courgette, carrots, a bit of garlic butter and Basilic, a bit of cream chip chip all that in the wok. Take a glass of wine put a bit of music and dance at the same time. dadida all cool all groovy! boil the pasta and add a bit of chicken thingy in the water just to make sure there is a kind of taste. Fuck this meat aint defrosting, i wanted to do meat balls! Ok no meat balls. It's ready then isn't it? Bang on time, Stephan is here! At least my timing is perfect but i didn't taste it myself. Fuck it Que serra serra.
The man is hungry he is been traveling a lot and working a lot so i hope it works. I'm out of breath and my eyes are like owl's eyes as he put the fork in his mouth. ''Oh how about we put some cream'' well i have ''or garlic'' well i have '' herbs'' i have. I'm fuming but i keep smiling, i feel like Bree Van De Kamp, when she stays polite despite murder thoughts! I've done all that maybe he has a taste problem after all. Oh toss it, do what you like, add what you like! I see him take Parmesan from the fridge, yeah Parmesan, makes sense, why didn't i think about it before? oh BECAUSE IT STINKS!! But it's OK, no problem, be open. it's Europe so they don't put craft cheddar cheese in their pasta but Parmesan. This thing looks strange though kind of blueish. he spread lots on his pasta and i stop him when he tries to add as much for me. Yikes, the color is strange, the texture as well, and the smell... it tastes funny as well! I'm not a cheese expert like my sister and my dad. All i take is cheddar, Bree and Camembert and oh laughing cow! haha i love the English version of ''la vache qui rit '' Laughing cow'' hey can i have laughing cow on my toast please!
ok back to that thing, my tongue is slightingly numb after tasting this cheese, hmm that's one special cheese. It's like an anesthesia on your tongue so you can't taste the horrible food of your girlfriend. '' The cheese is off'' what? ''off'' off? ''Don't eat that, i can see the color and the smell aren't right'' ohhhhh that's what i thought! great here is two plated prepared with love in the bin and two sexy toasts with real cheese ( cheddar)! Lovely evening.

We are meeting Claudia today. Claudia is another of our glam friends. I am so jealous of her, she did a Music video with MUSE! MY MUSE! MY MATT BELLAMY! I'm gutted! Plus one of my favorite songs, time is running out arrrrg. When she finished Drama school she did a few music videos like you remember this 90's song Elle vit sa vie by Nuttea? well that's her. Once she asked me to translate what the song was about and we had such a laugh because she realized 10 years after that it was about prostitution!
She also had a part in footballers wives (and told me all about some of the actresses in real life) But i think her best performance was in Jane Eyre as Bertha. I was really impressed when i saw that.
Oh here is Claudia, she looks stunning. Like she is the dogs bollocks of sexiness. White top, jeans, black boots, oversize bag. And her hair is the bestest i have every seen. like these commercials you know when you see that girl's hair floating in the wind and you wonder what's her shampoo! I think Stephan has stopped breathing and i see hearts flying around his head. No woman but Claudia can have this effect on him, yes no one, even me! But i don't mind, if there is passion, there is life. I look at him and smile in acknowledgment and he laughs nervously. HA no one can hide things from me! I see straight through one's eyes! I let it be because the day I'll have Matt Bellamy at the other side of the street I'll be just like that.

We first have a coffee at Brixton Market in a small cafe. I gotta show you the pic cause i think it was very pretty. Look, Federation coffee i think it's called.

Claudia is telling us about LA. She just came back but i must admit that i am zoning out a bit because they are both sharing their actors experience and how LA is the obvious route as she came back with so much stuff. Stephan wants to go to LA? hmmm yeah i think we talked about that before, it would make sense for him definitely.
We then go for lunch, again organic. That's Stephan see all Organic! Like the other day i bought Crumpets ( haha i love saying Crumpets, i think it's a funny word) well i bought crumpets ( haha) and i thought Nutella on that would be good, but the guy has got, spreadable 100% organic cacao. -_-'' Couldn't we just get the good old Nutella?
He wanted to try think place where they do sour dough pizza, Franco manca i think it's called. Got no clue why sour dough pizza is so exciting but yeah ok... A lovely south-african waitress comes and highly recommend something that doesn't look attractive at all and something else with Chorizo ( Mum? chorizo haha) Sorry there it's just a joke between my mum and i.
So we'll take both and share. I must admit that the first one doesnt sound too exciting but it has got no tomato sauce, which is a relief for me. But wild broccoli and a wootton thingy on a pizza? hmmm that doesnt seem like a pizza to me but hey let's experiment, the waitress looked excited about that one. More acting talk and i'm quite distracted by this ice cream place just next to me. The ice cream girl looks so pretty. She looks like a porcelain doll. Red hair roughly tied at the back with a few hair flying on her face. A fringe accentuating her beautiful blue eyes and a red lipstick. I think it's just the most beautiful ice cream girl ever. I can understand if the butcher would eat ice cream all day. She looks like she emerged from the 60's and gives the loveliest smile to all the customers.I think Bruno Mars wrote this song for her.
here is our pizza. The green things lying on this white pizza doesn't quite appeal to me but i'm starving. So i'll have a bite. But wait a minute. This thing is really tasty! Really really tasty! Who would have thought! I think i could live on organic food if it's all tasty like that! Highly recommended! I totally understand why one would prefer that to a normal pizza because i even eat the crust and don't feel bloated at all after! Hmm i get it!
Oups the conversation, now diverts to me, about my film. Yeah i had a the main role in a feature film which will be out soon and they are asking about it now. I must admit that i'm quite intimidated to talk about that with Claudia because she is a real actress while i accidentally got the role that all actress would die for. She had beed very supportive when i said that i was going to do this film and gave me a lot of tips. They both think that i'm stupid not to go more for acting as apparently 'i am talented' but to be honest, i want to see the film first just to try to judge myself if i'm good. I mean i don't want to be a model reconverted into acting just because i'm ''pretty''. I must say that they are convincing me a bit but hey, let's stick to my plan even if it's stupid.

Stephan is gonna go home and we'll go shopping a bit more then we'll go meet him at home. I thought i could take some of this delicious custard at M&S with some raspberries and strawberries from the farmers market. A treat to die for!
Shopping now!


  1. pfff..I was thinking you were more mature than this , but you seems to be someone who really need attention to show the world that you exist .
    I keep asking myself who really cared in reading all this besides yourself ,as if someone cared about what you are doing . This is pathetic !!! .

  2. AWH that's a sweet comment... well moved by it. are you going to scan the web with more pathetic people? Sweet of you at least you will help them get the attention they need so in a way you are giving back to the community and that's very philanthropic. Well done!

  3. I personally love that Blog! ;°) keep it up! and humm am a fan of the `laughing Cow` too!