Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Again i wake up a bit tired. Stephan went to Brussels last night which is a bit of a pity but hey, the man is busy. So i was alone in a new flat not quite knowing what to do. It's not like my house in Rose-hill where all you hear is dogs barking at night. there's quite a lot going on; Music, people laughing on the streets, police cars, ambulances so i was not quite at rest. But funnily enough, this morning, i look great! No No wait. I usually have quite dark circles when i'm tired but i've been using this Dermaphuzion eye gel a friend recommended and it works wonders! i'm quite surprised i didn't expect it to work like that. You see those ads but they nothing happens but i think i found my new best friend!
In a way it's nice to be alone, i can go wander a bit. Stephan hates it when i drag him to shops which sucks cause the man knows exactly what clothes to pick for me. He once got me this beautiful Preen trousers at a sample sales and a Gia dress on portobello market which looks so stunning that i'm scared to wear it.But never mind i'll get stuff that he will then call fashion crime...

Getting warm for oxford street

This time i wont get fooled by the weather forecast so i'll put my leg warmers, a pair on jeans, a little top under my top, a jacket and a scarf! You have to be focused on what's around you when you go on oxford street you know so you can't be so cold that you want to go back home before seeing everything. My friend Anaelle's mother make woolen hats and i got one purple and pink and i think it looks quite cute so i'll wear that today. I always wanted to wear in it Mauritius but the weather was not suitable enough.
oh my, Oxford street is only 5 station from Brixton. Way too accessible for my mental health. But i'm gonna be a good girl. First time i blew all my money away in just 2 weeks and the rest of the holidays were quite painful because, it's just when you are penny-less that everything looks even more attractive! So this time i've set a budget. A tight budget as i was not working for two months but fortunately i had saved. One should always save you know that don't you? My technique is to take a percentage of my salary and check the currency rate then change it when it's affordable. So that's how i could come despite being jobless.

Oxford street
Mamamia the street is buzzing! As soon as my head peeks out of the underground i see this; UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON SALE! H&M SALE, TOPSHOP SALE. SALE SALE SALE everyfuckingwhere! Ok kitty where do you want to go? right towards topshop or left towards selfridges? First time i came Stephan showed me around all the sexy places but omitted to mention PRIMARK! Nothing like our Pridemark. It's a huge shop on 2 floors which sells everything for nuggets! So every time i go London i go there first because it gives me an idea of what i could get cheaper than other mainstreams stores. What they do is a bit cheeky because sometimes you can get the exact same thing for cheaper which i don't get as everything seems to be made in Madrid while everything else is made in China or Mauritius! So where is it left or right... It's near Marble Arch so it must be left I could get back in the tube and take the central line but what's the point I'm on Oxford street so who cares if i have to walk! Plus i promised to make 20 quid last 1 week on my oyster card!
Jesus i was so overwhelmed by everything that i did not realize that it's actually hot! Fuck, now i look like an idiot with my winter wear while everyone else is wearing light summer dresses and sandals! Well done Kitten! You got it wrong again!

On the way to Primark
All i see is this

It's like boxing day early. I got to pull myself together. I see all these people with their yellow bags; Selfridges is doing a huge sale and people are queuing up outside. There is a Japanese tourist posing with her huge bags in front of the store. I can only imagine whats in there, DIOR, Mcqueen, Stella Mc Cartney, Armani. The real ones you know, not the ones we get la foire Quatres-Bornes! This place just oozes luxury and class! My secret dream is to one have a pair of Louboutin, you know with the red soles but hey i haven't started to crap money yet so let's go Primark!
It's easy to know when you are close to primark, you see girls walking towards you with the biggest smile on their face with their big brown bags and guys looking all traumatized; 2 FLOORS man! Thousands of cheap things to choose from. I once got a super grey corporate dress there and when i used to wear it at work everybody thought that it was a big brand but no Primark, 4 pounds!
I've already forgotten selfridges, I'm not fantasizing at all on what's in those yellow bags, I'm not thinking Jimmy Choo, Juicy couture, Chanel or Marc Jacobs anymore! Nope not even staring at this woman who's got a Miu Miu shoe box in her yellow bag.
Aha i've got a Miu miu purse! My cousin Melissa is so sweet, she got me a Miu Miu purse once and an Anna Sui coin purse when she went to New-York. So here you go lady look at my sexy purse!
Primark is there, people are sitting outside probably drained by all the shopping. It once took me 2 hours to do the whole thing. Oulala very promising actually. Lots of swallow patterns and beige and cream. It's all so pretty but what a mess! It's like the savanna here, women are like lioness grabbing clothes from the rails then just throwing it on the floor. Poor shop assistant it looks like he wants to pull all his hair off.
Ground floor is way too crowded, honestly what are all these tourists doing here?! Go back home and let me enjoy my shopping! So i head up to the first floor, rows and rows of shoes, bags and accessories but hmmm hold's not as cheap as i remember anymore. I mean yeah it's cheap compared to other shops but where are my 5 pounds or even 1 pound shoes? Anyway it's too crowded here as well so I'll just go to the accessories corner. Now that's a deal... nice rings, hair accessories, bracelets... I'll get only that for today and come back when it's more quiet. Plus with the temperature here my legs are hitching because of those silly leg warmers! And i feel a little twitch as well... oh i see, last time i came with my sister and we had such a good time. And every time i looked at something i though, she would have liked that or that would suit Anaelle perfectly and Melissa would love this and that! We have to do that once all together, like a girl shopping on oxford street.
On the way back I'll get some flowers. There's a nice white framed window like in the movies at the flat and i always wanted to have a window like that with lavenders in a nice pot. The flower man at the exit of Brixton station sells them...

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