Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Saturday/ Sunday and Monday!

There's one and only one thing on my mind; Tonight i'm going to see my cousin yeahiiiii! You know, Mauritians with their family! Pascal left Australia to come to the UK on a super sexy scheme, he is super highly skilled! I knew i should have listened to my dad and choose Finance instead of Arts and literature! Pfff
I just love Pascal, every time he comes to Mauritius it's like none stop talks! I know it's officially my mum's favorite person on earth but i want a piece of it too!

But before we are off to Lunch with Stephan's friend who is also a super highly skilled in same field as pascal! Why does my days seems to organize themselves thematically?
I so totally see why Stephan wanted me to meet up with her, i like her. She is funny in a smart way if you see what i mean... And she's got this funny laugh as well! Love it! We went lunch at the Lounge in Brixton. It was quite nice. I had a good Burger with organic meat ( of course) and Ayanda had the most amazing veggie burger! You should have seen that, Big mushroom goat cheese if i'm not wrong and another mushroom. I may be wrong here yeah it might have not be goat cheese but i could not go fiddle in her burger! Veggies around Brixton, Go get one there!

I wish i could dress up to go to pascal's. He loves to host and i feel like it's impolite to go with trainers and jeans but i ain't got no choice. It's raining and i don't want to ruin my shoes. The only nice clothes i have would be Dresses but again it's freezing :-( me don't like that! He will understand i hope. He knows what i'm like normally.
He lives in Notting Hill! Lucky him! This place is so done for me! I feel more at home because i used to hang a lot here before when i lived at Kensal Green. I'm not sure if it's still the case, but Kate moss, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltro have their houses around here... ouuuh Maybe he will be walking his dog and i'll just wave at him and say '' oh hi Chris how art thou'' Why i'm i taking this posh accent, it's Chris Martin not the queen! Must be Notting hill air infusing poshtitude in me!

We had such a lovely time at Pascal's they are such great hosts. Good wine, good food, nice background music and their Flat is decorated with taste and simplicity. When i took the double deck bus i always tried to google in those Flats just to see what it looked like inside. Now i know! He made this delicious entree with Courgette, as main course Coq au vin and dessert crepes with raspberries! Loved it! He should go on come dine with me but i would not want this tease voice over to take the piss out of him!

As usual it's the usual fight to try get Stephan off his computer and try enjoy a simple Sunday! Honestly man, the guy doesn't have a stop button! At last at 12:00 i manage to get him out of there! And we're off to Spitafield market at Liverpool street. I always have a little thought here for this Mauritian Student who died in the bomb attack in Liverpool station a few years ago. Very sad...
It's crowded! they have made it bigger but still we are crowd surfing! But there are so many interesting things, specially vintage i guess, like this inky blue bag or this green bag that would look great with one of my dresses. But stephan is speeding! STOP we are here to look at things not just walk in the crowd just for the fuck of it! I understand, he is used to that but hey i haven't been here for more than two years cause last time i didn't go at all. I haven't got a phone so i don't want to loose him in the crowd. I must admit that i'm a bit of a pain too. i like to look, feel and smell every single items so one stall takes 30 minutes. We'll never get out of there if it's up to me to lead! I keep my eyes open on things that he might like as well cause it's his birthday soon. The very first time we are together at this time in four years!
Lunch now! I love it here cause the choice is tremendous. You would gather the fact that there is only black pudding and bacon if you've never been to London before but it's so multi-cultural. Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Ethiopian, Spanish etc etc etc. There was a Mauritian here but i can't see him today. He used to sell dholl puri and gato piment! It's my turn to choose today, but after going through every single stalls 3 times i turn to see Stephan raising his eyebrows so i stop frozen at the first stall i see. i'll have a duck waterver wrap if it can help smoothing this line becoming deeper and deeper in between his eyebrows! He doesn't take anything then after i've ordered  says he'll have a beigel at the bakery! NOOOOOOO i forgot this place, i also want a bagel, this fucking wrap is leaking and i've got stains all over now! See why you should also let men decide!

The beigel bakery is the local Dewa! It's this place open night and day on Bricklane. You can see them baking the beigels as well. Shit that's bad, because i've just finished my wrap but i'll have a beigel with philadelphia cheese! Forget about the tea there though, well bad!
Look how crowded it is and look at this shop display.
I kept thinking of Mario Gulliot when seeing that coz i bet he would love that display!

We then went visit Nadia. Stephan used to live with her and her little son. Ah, what is this in Stephan's eyes? Same sparkle as when he sees Claudia when he hugs 4 year old Zack and when he talks to Nadia. Funny though, from where i am seeing these three together i think they look like a happy family. I tilt my head a bit see if there is any kind of resemblance between Zack and him haha! Nadia lays all this food she made but i cant eat anything else! I taste some just to be polite and it's yummy, i wish i didn't had this wrap!

We were supposed to go to a 1940's party tonight which is to be held where they shot the king's speech but Stephan is too knackered. I don't want to push it either cause he's been good all day despite secretly checking his e-mails on his i-phone everytime he thought i was not looking! I seeeee youuuuuuu...

Monday will stand in one line;

p.s : Mum if you are reading this don't panic! i am not sleeping in the underground, starving and wanting to come back home. later in the evening we had a good time playing Poker ( he found your birthday gift already) I was beating him until i got giddy with Desperados!  And yes we are still together, and no i did not really rip my arm off!

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